Who is Matthew Lepre?A Review of Ecom Warrior Academy

Matthew Lepre

With all the buzz surrounding the Ecom Warrior Academy, it comes as no surprise that you’ve heard the name, Matthew Lepre. After all, his rags to riches story is a true inspiration for people running an e-Commerce store.

So, who is Matthew Lepre? Can his e-commerce training program really help you build your online business?

To answer these questions, read on to learn more about this influential online entrepreneur, as well as what people think of his Ecom Warrior Academy program.

Matthew Lepre: Who is He?

Born July 22, 1992, Matthew Lepre hails from Australia, the land down under. Unlike other moguls, he didn’t build an e-Commerce store right away. Matt had to work three jobs to help his mom after he dropped out of college.

Tired of the grind, he decided to open an online business selling educational materials. When this bore fruit, he decided to move on to health and beauty products. In time, he started earning $120,000 a month.

Think this would stop him? No. He decided to venture even further.

Grateful for his success, he paid it forward by helping other people successfully navigate the murky waters of e-Commerce. This was when he decided to launch the Ecom Warrior Academy, a training program that aims to help people learn more about effectively selling online.

Through this, he helped thousands of people earn a sustainable living with their online businesses.

An Honest Review of the Ecom Warrior Academy

Thanks to his media exposure, Matthew Lepre managed to gain a cult following for his Ecom Warrior Academy. But even so, many people can’t help but ask: is it really worth your money?

Without further ado, here’s a no-holds-barred review of Matthew’s training program.

Perfect for e-Commerce Newbies

Unlike other courses, Matthew Lepre includes the basics every entrepreneur needs to know.

In fact, the first module of his Dropshipping Accelerator Course talks about the foundations of success, including the basics of dropshipping.

To beginners out there, drop shipping allows you to run a successful e-Commerce business without having any physical stock of your goods will make all the business a great success.

The course also talks about product research, which is a tricky job. In module three, you’ll know more about researching and discovering products, as well as validating them. That way, you don’t have to end up stocking unsellable items, which you’ll learn more about in module four’s Four Types of Products to Avoid.)

Clueless on how to start your e-Commerce store? Fret not as Matthew Lepre can walk you through this. In his third module aptly named, ‘Building Your Own Store,’ you’ll learn how to start your shop. And it’s not just about making an account; it also includes other vital details that will work to your advantage.

Matt’s helpful pointers include creating a suitable logo, customizing your shop theme, writing attractive product descriptions, and using Google Analytics, to name a few.

Explores the Potential of Business Ads

As with brick-and-mortar businesses, you need ads to draw people in. But the difference lies in the platform.

In Ecom Warrior Academy, Matthew reveals his secrets in the Facebook ads theory module. As the name suggests, this covers everything, from ads manager to spend and optimization. That way, you’re sure to get suitable ads for your business.

This isn’t the only topic, though, as Matthew has another module on Facebook ads implementation. Here, you’ll know the proper engagement and conversion strategies to help you scale your ad content appropriately.

Get to Earn Passive Income

It’s everybody’s dream to make money without spending a lot of time and effort. Like Matthew, you can do this simply by exploring his module on store automation.

In this course, the entrepreneur will talk about order fulfillment, customer service, and tracking orders. It also gives tips on hiring a VA and even closing your store.

Real-Life Case Studies

Compared to other mentors, Matthew uses real-life business examples. In his seventh module, he discusses the case of an e-Commerce entrepreneur who made a whopping $550,000 in profits.

He will also help you explore how to achieve this feat too.

Bonus E-Commerce Offers

Matthew’s job does not stop with his modules. He also offers additional perks you won’t find in other similar programs.

For one, members are entitled to live chat, phone, and unlimited email support. He also offers help with product selection by aiding students in choosing the right products for their business.

Matthew also offers 15-minute one-on-one Zoom sessions, as well as daily group mentoring sessions.

In this course, the entrepreneur will talk about order fulfillment, customer service, and tracking orders. It also gives tips on hiring a VA and even closing your store.

The Verdict

The benefits above show that Matthew Lepre and his program, Ecom Warrior Academy, can help you start and build a strong e-Commerce business.

With his fact-filled modules and unwavering support, you’ll get to earn money without much time and effort.