6 Key Leadership Skills for Workplace Success in 2022

Leadership Skills

These days, companies tend to hire problem-solvers, not doers. Whether people are born leaders is an open topic for discussion. But there is no denying the fact that all leaders have a certain set of skills. There is no limit to perfection, so they can hone their craft all life long.

Tell Me More About Yourself

At the same time, leadership skills are an important part of a resume. According to the top best CV writing service on Skillhub here https://skillhub.com/cv-writing-service , most employers focus their attention on the management skills of a true leader. Successful companies seek high-achievers.

It Is Not That Simple. Or Is It?

History knows a lot of success stories of self-made businesspeople, politicians, or artists. You can get inspired by their lifepaths, but do not try to copy any of them. There is no magic spell or universal recipe on how to get all leadership skills. 

The good news is leadership qualities are universal. It depends on the company which workplace skills are a priority. Also, some of the key skills for building a career in 2022 are different from ten-year-ago ones. But one thing is for sure. By sharpening the skills listed in this article, you are going to get dangerously close to success.

Being a Chief in 2022 – What This Involves

The majority of the skills that we are going to describe here have always been key qualities of number ones. Our challenging life has emphasized which of them are essential in 2022.


Getting your message across is of utmost importance for a good leader. The ability to reach out to everyone, from an office cleaner to the top management, is crucial. Communication is not only talking, though. A large part of it is about active listening. People these days often listen only to be able to reply to their interlocutor. ‘Captains’ listen and hear.

Here are several important aspects that belong to communication skills.

Business Storytelling

Google and unlimited access to information made it so difficult to convince someone as never before. People can find tons of offers on the market, compare prices, or read reviews. You should be able to tell a persuasive story that sells your product, idea, or even yourself. 



Twenty years ago, PowerPoint presentations used to amaze the audience. ‘Creative’ transitions between slides usually look inappropriate these days. A successful presentation now is only possible if you do something that no one else has done before.

Radislav Gandapas, a business coach, once started his presentation in a non-traditional way. He gave out balloons to the audience and asked them to blow the balloons until they burst. At first, people were at a loss, but soon some of them started doing it. Radislav made a conclusion about leadership. Some people are afraid of what someone thinks of them. The others get things done.

Source: https://www.freepik.com/free-photo/young-woman-green-warm-sweater-blowing-air-balloon_19100225.htm

Written Communication

The ability to express ideas in writing is a must for a leader. Think about an inspirational email to a fellow colleague, a to-the-point answer in chat, or even a powerful Facebook post. Any of these has the potential of turning things upside down in a positive way.


A high salary is a good motivation for doers. High-achievers get inspired by extra incentives. When they feel motivated, they will go an extra mile for the company. Recognizing your employees’ achievements, providing rewards, and arranging team-building activities will bear fruit.


There is a common misconception that delegating is a sign of weakness. In fact, only a good boss knows how to match the task to the right employee. Trust in your colleagues and accepting feedback from them characterize you as a boss with strong leadership skills. 


A healthy work environment is not less important than a clean office. A true chief can radiate positivity in many different ways.

Conflict Management

Conflict Management

A successful team does not need someone to fight a fire. They need someone who will not let the spark touch the hay. 


A simple question ‘How was your weekend?’ or ‘Where are you going on holiday?’ shows your caring approach. Your colleagues feel and appreciate the friendly atmosphere.


Have you ever heard of a business standup? It is a comedy show for top professionals in various spheres. They share their experience by telling jokes and funny stories. Sign in for such a show and invite your fellow workers. They will fall in love with you!


Unconventional solutions solve unsolvable problems. Besides, a leader who does not always choose a safe path impresses and inspires. Taking into consideration different cultural perspectives and synthesizing knowledge are also dimensions of creative thinking.



In 2020, one law company emigration department was looking for a fortune-teller. The job of a successful candidate was to foresee the future based on the daily number of COVID-19 cases. This job offer is a sad sign that the company is lacking a leader who is willing to take responsibility. Learning from past mistakes and evaluating possible solutions are important to master.

Source: https://www.freepik.com/free-vector/upset-businesswoman-holding-long-checklist-payment-document_18734265.htm#query=responsible%20person&position=1&from_view=search 

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Wrapping Up

Hiring someone with the mentioned skills is the key to success. You can visit livecareer reviews here to find more info. Thanks to decision-makers, the company’s financial performance improves. The team feels motivated by their leader. This results in better talent retention rates. Customer experience also improves. Increased business agility is another positive result. A company with a strong charismatic person-in-chief will flourish.