Tanning Business software – The Features You Must Have!


Tanning business software can dramatically increase profits for tanning salons by reducing overhead and ensuring proper recordkeeping. There are many tanning business software packages available on the market today. Here are some of the features you should look for in tanning studio scheduling software.

Integrated Accounting System:

One of the primary features to seek when purchasing a tanning software package is that it has an integrated accounting system. Effective tanning software has everything already built into the software, including inventory control, cash flow analysis, payroll, sales, and accounting information. You don’t need to purchase separate software to manage these functions separately.

The right tanning studio software has an integrated system that works seamlessly with your existing accounting software. This means that all of your current customers’ information is automatically transferred to the new system, and the information needed to book reservations for customers is also included. Tanning salon management software also makes it easy to manage appointments, perform billing, and perform inventory.

Appointment Scheduling Solution:

Another important feature of tanning business software to seek is a complete solution for appointment scheduling. Having the ability to schedule appointments online, as well as setting pay-per-click and advertising campaigns is crucial to increasing your tanning business. Many of the web-based scheduling software packages available on the market today offer a complete solution, which includes an account manager, a time planner, and a detailed report on each client that is being treated. Some of these programs even allow you to print out reports and calendars for your records. A complete solution will allow you to keep track of clients and their availability, so you can make effective, necessary tanning decisions.

Easy to Handle Multiple Clients and their Schedules:

Your tanning software should have multiple functions in place. Not only should it allow you to set up multiple clients and their schedules, but multiple functions should also be available for scheduling appointments, as well as tracking time spent on each client. A complete solution will allow you to import photographs from your digital camera, or other sources, as well as send text messages and email notifications when new clients have been accepted and schedule a visit. In addition, this tanning studio software should include a greeting for each new customer, a list of services that are currently available, and a search function to help you find tanning equipment. When you provide customers with personalized service, they are more likely to return – which leads to repeat customers and more profits.

Secure Online Feature:

The more comprehensive your tanning salon software system, the better your chances for success. You want software that can integrate with your website, so you can make changes to your website with a few clicks of a mouse. Wellyx has secure online features, so your customers can order tanning products without worrying about giving away their credit card information. In addition, the suite of tanning salon software you buy should have detailed reports on all of your income and expenses, as well as a system to keep track of your tanning inventory.

Access to Multiple Functions and Features:

The right tanning salon management software can also give you access to multiple functions and features. This is important, as you don’t want to have to remember what every function does every time you make a page on your website. Some software packages offer an automatic generation of the daily schedule, which can save you time when creating the final copy. You might also benefit from a suite of programs that offers inventory management, payment processing, sales tracking, as well as distribution of your data to other departments.

Compare the Ease-of-Use Factor:

In addition to having multiple functions and features, you also want tanning salon management software that is easy to use. The easiest way to evaluate this is to compare the ease-of-use factor between different software packages. Are there any significant differences between how a simple form can be filled out to set up an appointment or is it a bit more complicated to enter your information? What about filling in medical information or shipping information? The easiest software doesn’t have to be difficult; it just has to be able to get the job done. If it requires a fair amount of fiddling with the system to get it to work, then it isn’t worth spending money on. You need tanning business software that manages and tracks not only your tanning inventory but your labor costs as well. Many tanning businesses include some labor costs when calculating their tanning fee per customer, so make sure you get a tanning business software package that includes labor cost adjustments. The more features and functions you require, the more expensive the package you end up paying. Keep in mind, too, that tanning studio management software comes with its own set of price points, so if a given feature seems completely unnecessary, don’t buy it until you’ve read through the package’s reviews. Use these recommendations as a guideline when shopping for tanning business software, and you’ll have a better idea about what features are really necessary for you.