Explore the definite and interesting steps to make DIY custom car stickers


You can begin your journey by making your custom car stickers at home with classic bumper stickers. If you have a message and want to convey it in the plainest manner, bumper stickers can serve your purpose. 

Even though you make the stickers for your car or van’s bumper, they can stick to any hard and smooth surface. They are thoroughly weatherproof, which means they can withstand all elements. You can apply them wherever you want to convey your thoughts or brand message.

  • Your message could be a joke, political opinion, support, or pure nonsense. To make a stellar bumper sticker, all you need is to pick a proper design and type the message. 
  • The main materials are weatherproof vinyl, devoid of PVC. You need durable film with quality and permanent adhesive. It must last for years outdoors.
  • You need glossy lamination to protect the sticker. Vibrant colors and shiny appearance ensure you’ve an attractive product.
  • You can split it back as well. Cut the sticker to shape to ensure an easier peeling. 

The decal application

There are few modern techniques to apply custom car stickers to your car body. In step 1, use tape for a firm placement of the sticker into the main position. Make sure it remains firmly in place. The bottom is the crucial part. One of the lateral edges must be accessible.

  • From the portion you leave open for accessibility, strip off the contract paper attentively, slowly, and steadily.
  • Stop after reaching the middle of the graphic. Use a pair of scissors to cut out the backing paper’s part, which you’ve already peeled off.
  • After cutting off the paper backing, you can stick the exposed vinyl part onto the surface. It starts from the middle and moves outward.
  • Keep patience in sticking the paper back to its original position. Use a squeegee to ensure the area becomes even after removal of the backing.
  • After sticking half of your sticker onto the body, slowly take out the remaining tape pieces. Peel off the backing paper carefully while applying stickers after buying second hand car.
  • In the next step, take the squeegee and push the rest of the sticker against the vehicle’s body. 
  • In the last step, take off the transfer paper. Use medium pressure while peeling it off. Don’t pull off the vinyl. Make sure the graphics have a firm application. 

Materials at a glance

There are two pathways to make your custom vinyl decals for your vehicle. You can either DIY manually or use a cutting machine. The most popular names are Silhouette Cameo 4, Explore Air 2 Maker, and Cricut Explore. 

It’s important to assort all your supplies on the table. These are a cutting machine, masking tape, squeegee or scraper, transfer paper, tweezers, tape, X-acto knife, scissors, adhesive vinyl, and a proper design. 

Pertaining to the design, you can easily perfect or resize it before the design can touch any materials. Many people make a mistake in weeding the vinyl. It’s nothing but removing the vinyl pieces that aren’t a part of the design. You can then focus on applying the tape.