5 Killer Tips For Marketing Your Car Show

A car show is a fantastic way to spend a beautiful weekend. The sight of renowned classics and current hot cars gleaming in the sunlight is enough to give any gearhead shivers. But, if you’re putting on a car show, how do you promote it? And how can you get more folks to attend?

In this post, we’ll look at five strategies for successfully marketing your auto show. These suggestions vary from using social media effectively to collaborating with local companies, vehicle clubs, and media sources to boost publicity for your event. We’ll also teach you how to use car show listing services like CarCruiseFinder.com to boost your visibility.

1. Your Best Friend Is Social Media

Nowadays, if you want to put on any type of event, you must use social media. More than 220 million Americans, or more than 80% of the population, are expected to have a social media account by 2022. This implies that using social media to promote your car show is a wonderful approach to getting people interested.

Create a specific profile for your events, such as a Facebook or Instagram page, if you’re arranging a car show. This page serves as your auto show’s internet center. Create a car show flyer to promote your car shows to local Facebook groups and other automobile Facebook pages. Use this to clearly outline the most important details about your event.

social media

Interact with those who start following your page. They’ve probably followed your page because they’re automotive aficionados, so ask them about their favorite automobiles! Once you’ve created a connection with them, ask them to share your page in order to increase exposure.

Making a social media presence for your event allows visitors to communicate with you and ask you questions about your auto show. You might also create a Facebook Event for your presentation. This allows users to digitally confirm their presence, or at the very least express their interest in attending.

2. Make a Website

In addition to developing a social media presence, it is worthwhile to have a dedicated website. There are a few low-cost or free options, such as employing website builders such as Squarespace, Wix, or WordPress. Having a single website offers visitors with all of the important information about your event in one spot.

automobile website

Always include your website URL when marketing your event on social media. It is important to ensure that your website operates properly on both PCs and mobile devices. If everything is done correctly, your website should appear rapidly when customers search for “car shows in X location.”

3. Collaborate With Your Community

Every city in America has its own Chamber of Commerce, often known as a Board of Trade. These organizations are intended to serve as a hub for local companies and activities.

The Chamber can assist you in marketing your event to local residents by locating a space in local publications or on the official website of your neighboring city. They may also be able to assist you with listing your auto show in the “Calendar of Events” section of local newspapers.

local connection

The official website of the US Chamber of Commerce contains a comprehensive national directory that may put you in touch with your nearest local Chamber of Commerce.

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4. Collaborate with Local Businesses

Across the United States, a wide range of automobile firms operate. This includes everything from new and used automobile stores to garages and workshops. You might even be able to find custom automobile or hot rod shops nearby. Working with these area companies might help your auto show gain attention. You can do one thing, create posters of your car show and handover to them so they will look further for marketing your car show

This collaboration might range from requesting that a flier be placed in their window to asking them to support your event. This is especially useful if you’re organizing an event centered on a specific brand. For example, if your event is centered on antique Ford vehicles, your local Ford dealership may be interested to sponsor the event.

5. Websites that List Car Shows

Dedicated car show listing websites like CarCruiseFinder.com are another underutilized online resource that may help you promote your automotive event. These internet directories make it simple to connect with a bigger number of local automotive enthusiasts.


All you have to do is send a few facts about your event to these websites. They will then generate a listing for you on the internet. Your car event will appear in the directories for your local region when local or travelling car lovers search for it. Give it a shot; it’s one of the simplest and most uncomplicated marketing tools you have at your disposal.

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