How Using a Garage Security Barrier can Protect your Bike

Garage security barrier

Owning something with value and making sure it is always protected is a normal thing to do, this goes for anything from bikes to jewellery. Here at Image4Security, we strive to make sure your bike or motorbike is always protected. We offer a wide variety of products to protect your bike from theft.

Many bike thefts have a recurring pattern of being stolen from home garages. This has been increasing because some motorbike owners are not owning any protection for their bikes because they have the bike safe and secured in a home garage. This makes sense as a first line of defence, but lots of thieves will still attempt to steal a bike they know will offer them a big pay out.

The Garage Security Barrier Bar

The Guardsman is a top of the range garage security bar which will turn the thieves the other way. Common question about the bar is that it’s expensive, but if your bike were to get stolen your cost to replace and insurance bill will be very expensive. Many insurance companies recommend investing 1k of security for every 10k your bike is worth. So, if your bike is worth 15k, you’ll need 1.5k worth of security to protect it.  The Guardsman has a 10-year personal guarantee, made specifically for you. is also approved by the BeMoto insurance company.

The Guardsman garage door security bar forms a protective barrier that will protect your bike and car. Many people with home garages also park their cars inside and the Guardsman can protect your car as well. The bar itself doesn’t take up any unnecessary room and the Image team will come and fit it for you when the time is convenient for you. Similarly, people may think it will be easy to lift the bike over the Guardsmen. They’d be wrong. The Guardsman barrier is designed to be tall enough for the average bike to not fit over. Additionally, the average bike will be too heavy to be lifted over, making the Guardsman the perfect barrier.

The garage security bar also includes an alarm that can trigger a loud 130dB siren awakening your whole neighborhood, scaring the thieves off. The shriek will secretly call up to three keyholders that the bike has been triggered by its vibration sensor, then releasing a shrill shriek. The siren is battery powered and comes with 2 battery powered keys, a sim card and battery are included with your purchase.

The Guardsman is made from hardened carbon along with stainless steel tubing and box sections, which makes it resistant to grinder attacks. Many thieves favour a grinder as it only takes a few seconds, and they can flee the scene quickly. The Guardsman barrier bar works to prevent thieves from sticking around too long. The Guardsman barrier’s alarm will alert you to any dangers before the thieves can complete the job, warning them off and ensuring they’re put off by trying again.

The bar comes in multiple colourways, making it even harder for thieves to spot it at night. We deliver across the UK, and it should be with you in 3 – 4 weeks.

Lastly, when spending a large amount on something valuable like a bike or car, you’ll always have that worry in the back of your mind. It’s perfectly normal to worry about your possessions. The Guardsman barrier works to ensure you sleep better at night knowing your valuables are safe and secure.