All You Need to Know About Concrete Gutter Lining.

gutter lining

What is a concrete/Finlock gutter?

Concrete gutters, also known as Finlock gutters were built between 1950s-1970s as a substitute for other precious metals that were used in the war effort. They are concrete gutters built onto homes and typically sit flat on the home.

Concrete gutters have proven to be porous in their life and eventually will begin to fail, letting in water and causing a lot of damage. Water damage can present in many ways. Water can sit in the pipes for a long time and cause puddling, where the gutters begin to collect water and damage the fabric of the gutters. This can lead to sagging in places and even cause the gutters to separate and breakdown. Additionally, mould and damp can grow in your home from poorly built and poorly maintained Finlock gutters.

For this reason, concrete/Finlock gutters need a lot of maintenance and repairs over their lifetime to stay in working condition. Having a full concrete gutter removal and replacement can be incredibly expensive and should only be undertaken after careful consideration and planning. Luckily, there is an alternative that can be far more cost-effective and efficient.

 Concrete gutter lining

Concrete gutter lining or Finlock gutter lining is a solution built to extend the life of your current guttering system, depending on the existing damage. Finlock gutter lining is completed by laying down a specialist gutter lining across the whole length of your concrete gutter, leaving it clean, watertight, and sealed against the elements. It offers coverage with a fully waterproof material tailored to your property, providing a shorter-term, more economical, and less invasive solution to a full gutter replacement.

How do you line gutters?

·         Assess the current guttering

·         Remove existing debris

·         Take away any other gutter lining

·         Install the new concrete gutter lining

·         Fit an EPS system along with using water and weatherproof tape to ensure that the gutters are watertight

How much does Finlock gutter lining cost?

The prices of gutter lining will vary from job to job depending on the amount of work that needs to be completed. For this reason, we work on a quote basis. If you are considering a Finlock gutter lining job, please contact us today to receive your free quote.

Finlock gutter relining

If you’ve had a concrete gutter lining job done before and are now noticing issues returning, it may be time to get another Finlock gutter lining job. We can reline gutters if another company has done a dodgy job, or your lining has reached the end of its life. We will simply remove the previous lining and reline the gutters with our tried and tested method to achieve the best results.