Terrarium: A Habitat In Miniature Format

Depending on the size of the terrarium and the electrical devices used, electricity costs can be quite considerable. Even if you only switch on the basic equipment, the monthly electricity consumption is between 20 and 25-kilowatt hours, which corresponds to electricity costs of a good five euros. With extras such as heating mats, blacklight tubes, or LED waterfalls, electricity costs of 100 euros per month can quickly arise.

The term terrarium is derived from the Latin word “terra” for the earth. It describes a container for keeping animals in which, unlike an aquarium, predominantly land and air can be found.

Aquarium and terrarium are both summarized under the term vivariums and are similar in many ways:  terrorists and aquarists try to reproduce the habitat of the animals kept as closely as possible in a small space.

In the terrarium, above all, you must control the temperature and the humidity very precisely. Animals suitable for keeping in a terrarium are, for example, crabs, spiders, insects, or scorpions. But there are also pure plant terrariums in which orchids, ferns, cacti, or mosses thrive.

Although you can easily buy terrarium online, keeping animals in the terrarium requires a lot of knowledge and commitment. The different animals have quite different requirements for the terrarium equipment.

With special devices, you can regulate the temperature and humidity in the terrarium. To care for the terrarium and be able to look after the animals, the terrarium has doors, which otherwise have to be closed tightly so that the residents do not escape.

1. There are these types of terrariums

The terrarium test shows that terrariums can be divided into different categories based on their construction. Which type is right for you depends primarily on which animals you want to keep. However, the available space is also a decisive factor.

· Classic terrarium  

This type of aquarium has a rectangular base and is rather flat.

A classic terrarium, such as an Exo Terra terrarium, is for animal species living on the ground. For example, the bearded dragon feels comfortable in the terrarium.

The facility includes terrarium plants, caves, and heating rocks.

If it is large enough, it can be used as a turtle terrarium.

Such a terrarium is also suitable as a hamster terrarium, but then it must not be higher than it is wide to ensure good air circulation.

· High terrarium

Such a model has a small footprint and is therefore very high.

An elevated terrarium is suitable for animals that like to climb or live in trees in nature, such as some species of spiders or snakes. This terrarium is suitable for corn snakes.

Climbing options such as branches or tall terrarium plants are an essential part of such a snake terrarium.

· Corner terrarium

A corner terrarium has a fairly large area and still offers space upwards.

The corner terrarium is good for tree-dwelling animals. If the species in question understand each other, it is also possible to keep different animals in groups.

Because such a terrarium is large, such a model is ideal as a tortoise terrarium for the winter – but in summer, the animals should rather be outdoors and not live permanently in the turtle terrarium.

· Nano terrarium

A nano-terrarium is a mini-terrarium that is very small in size but can be viewed from all sides.

It is only suitable for keeping spiders or as an insect terrarium.

Choosing The Right One

Whether you are a newcomer to the terrarium or a reptile and amphibian professional – you both have one thing in common: They want to offer their terrarium residents appropriate accommodation. You have come to the right place because you will find wooden terrariums, the right terrarium accessories, and much more with us. 

Our concern is to offer high-quality terrarium products of the best quality and from well-known manufacturers at fair prices.

The right accessories for your terrarium: plants, lighting, heating, and much more.

In addition to a species-appropriate terrarium, our online shop also provides you with suitable terrarium accessories. If you buy everything from a single source, there are no high postage costs and time-consuming research.

In our product range of terrarium accessories, you will find lighting, heating, soil substrates as well as plants, and everything so that your exotic pet feels comfortable.

More about our terrarium shop and our diverse range of terrariums


Create a natural habitat for your terrarium animal, according to the conditions of origin of your reptiles or amphibians.

There are hardly any limits to our creativity, design enthusiasm, and attention to detail. Find out more about your exotic friend and use our products to create a species-appropriate home in your living room for him. If you have any questions about products or information about the facility, please contact our service team.

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