Picking Out a Fridge With Lowest Prices in 2022


A refrigerator is an integral part of any modern kitchen. For preserving edible goods, maintaining the freshness of vegetables and fruits, etc., a fridge has become an indispensable appliance. A close look at the refrigerator market would reveal a plethora of options for consumers to choose from. This array of alternatives is not just limited to brands but also technology, capacity, features, etc.

The low-price refrigerators are generally Direct Cool single door fridges, which employ a natural convection process for cooling purposes. Manual defrosting is a must in such entry-level variants. Encountering a Frost-Free fridge in the budget category is a rarity, but Godrej Refrigerator (Double door) is one of the few exceptions.

However, you may bring home a mid-range fridge at an affordable rate. They extend stellar discounts on all products, lowering the price levels. Hence, your extensive shopping list may lead you to truncate your budget. But the Bajaj FinServ EMI Store will ensure that you do not miss out on advanced features by falling short of the mark. Here are some Direct Cool (single door) and Frost-Free (Double Door) refrigerators that you may purchase at a low price.

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Direct Cool Refrigerators

Direct Cool fridges personify simplicity in every respect. Be it the design, the features, the technology employed etc., each aspect is quite basic yet efficient and reliable. Yes, its maintenance is tricky as it requires manual defrosting, but it executes its primary job of cooling exceedingly well. If you are a small family of not more than three members, you may consider purchasing one of these refrigerators. It will be a wise decision, to say the least. Bajaj FinServ EMI Store’s offer on some of these models include:

  • Haier 195 L  Direct Cool Single Door Refrigerator Red Brush line (HRD-1953CCR-E): Haier’s hallmark lies in its commitment to prioritise customers’ needs. It fulfils it by introducing efficient, aggressively-priced fridges. And when this gets accompanied by enthralling offers from the Bajaj FinServ EMI Store, buyers’ satisfaction knows no bounds. This 195L 3-star model, allowing up to 35% energy conservation, can be bought at a discount of a whopping 39%. It is undoubtedly worth a try if you require a fridge for minimum usage.
  • Whirlpool 215 L Direct Cool Single Door Refrigerator Purple Mulia (230 IMPRO PRM 3S): Floral design in a shade of purple combines to give an aesthetic appeal to this fridge. Offering 215L capacity, this single-door product from Whirlpool will keep all your food items fresh for a few days without any cause for concern.

Because of the presence of an inverter compressor, this gadget consumes energy as per the load. With EMI commencing at 1,999 INR per month coupled with zero down payment, you may conveniently upgrade your kitchen with this fridge. If you want to Purchase this Whirlpool refrigerator model then you can visit Bajaj EMI Store for better deals.

Double Door Frost Free Refrigerators

Frost Free refrigerators usually come with dedicated deep freezers, which explain their double door structure. These fridges possess the ability to melt the ice mechanically. Hence, the nuisance of accumulated ice and their frequent manual defrosting, as required by Direct Cool models, is laid to rest by these variants. Some lucrative offers on the frost-free models include:

  • Godrej 230 L Frost Free Double Door Refrigerator Aqua Blue (RT EON 245B 25 HI): With its price slashed by about 27%, this Godrej refrigerator (double door) is spacious enough to accept large water bottles, a handful of veggies and fruits among others. You may pour your money into it as Godrej is one of the few Indian brands that are renowned for not compromising on their products’ quality and consumer experience.
  • Samsung 253 L  Frost Free Double Door Refrigerator Gray (RT28A3022GS/NL): Equipped with toughened glass shelves, this affordable model from Samsung is worth every rupee. The classic grey hue rests easily on the eye while adding value to the kitchen decor simultaneously. With about 10% discount on this Samsung product and EMI starting from 1,792 INR per month, you can seal the deal conveniently.

Besides these aforementioned models, the Bajaj FinServ EMI Store has ample options in the low-price range. You will rue the missed opportunity to economize and save if you scrap the plan of purchasing a fridge.  Sale is also now live, and cashback vouchers worth Rs.5,000 are up for grabs during the same period. Avail of the offer, pay the bill via EMI and face no issue with payment. No Cost EMI is also available if you employ the Bajaj FinServ EMI Network Card for transactions. Zero down payment facility on select models is also not to be missed.