Pimple Patch: 4 Reasons Why You Need It

Pimple Patch

No matter how small a pimple is, the tiny dot of blemish on the face can have a major effect on your mood. It can diminish your self-esteem and make you feel self-conscious, especially if you experience constant breakouts all your life. Fortunately, there are plenty of pimple-fighting solutions available today. One of which is the simple pimple patch products that promise to get rid of the zits on the spot. 

Pimple patches also referred to as zit stickers, have become more popular nowadays. It appeals to people who need immediate results in getting rid of pesky acne. However, while more people continue to testify about its effectiveness, you may still wonder if these products work. 

What is a pimple patch? 

Pimple patches are small sticky bandages made from hydrocolloid bandages that help trap moisture. Initially, medical experts used hydrocolloid sheets as a wound dressing. It helps create a cast around the wound to serve as a scab that protects it from impurities.  

Hydrocolloid stickers are very viscous to adhere securely to the skin to take excess fluid like oil and pus and other impurities like dirt away from the zit. It also serves as an ideal cover to stop you from constantly picking on your pimples. 

What can pimple patches treat? 

The best pimple patches in the market are developed as a spot treatment for zits. In addition, you may use it to get rid of whiteheads, which usually develop due to clogged pores. 

The more effective brands are proven to get rid of big, reddish, and usually painful pimples. The pus from these zits has yet to come out. It can help draw out the fluid inside the pimple to speed up the healing process. 

You only need to look for products made with active ingredients proven to get rid of the zits. Some of these include Salicylic Acid, Hyaluronic Acid, Niacinamide, and Tea Tree Oil. Vitamin E may also help heal acne breakouts. 

Best Way to Use Pimple Patches 

Once you find the right pimple patch for your skin, you need to use it properly to get the best results. Skin experts suggest putting on the patches at night before going to sleep. During this time, your skin cells begin to regenerate and repair on their own.

You must also clean and moisturise the skin surface before applying the acne patch. Then leave it on overnight to let the active ingredients work. You do not have to worry if you need to wash your face or take a shower while wearing it in the morning since the product is often waterproof. 

Also, most of these patches are very discreet. You may put it on before going out of the house in the morning and cover it with makeup. However, you must keep in mind to avoid touching the blemish with your fingers to prevent infection.  

Are pimple patches effective? 

While there are no particular studies that can prove the efficacy of these products, plenty of users claimed that acne patches work. They can help reduce the pimple’s healing time, especially if you treat it even before the pus emerges. 

In addition, these acne stickers are very effective in keeping the area clean and free from grime and dirt.  

All in all, pimple stickers are proven to help treat pimple breakouts. They are the best skin care product to use for spot solutions, especially when worn overnight. By using these products, you can enjoy clearer, blemish-free skin in no time.

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