5 Effective Ways to Keep Your Invisalign Clean and Clear

Invisalign Clean

Parramatta is a suburb in Sydney that takes its name from the Parramatta River coursing through town. If you live in this area, you are very lucky because of its central location that offers comfort and convenience. Apart from shops and restaurants, there are many health clinics in town to help you with your medical concerns.

If you suffer from gaps or spaces in your teeth that affect mouth alignment, you may frequently visit your parramatta orthodontist for Invisalign or invisible aligners treatment. Being in close proximity to your home or office proffers the most accessibility as you can readily schedule and go to your appointment. However, when you invest in these hidden braces to fix your alignment, you must keep them clean and clear to prevent infections that could sidetrack your progress. Here are five ways to ensure you keep your clear aligners fresh and clean.

Brush Them Gently

When you brush your teeth, make sure you also brush your aligners. Do so gently so you don’t scratch the plastic surfaces. Ideally, you should follow oral care hygiene and brush plus floss twice a day. During these moments, take the time to brush your aligners as well. However, do not use toothpaste as its component can cause scratches. Plain water will do, or even gentle soap brushed with a soft toothbrush using careful strokes.

Put Trays on Clean Teeth

There will be instances wherein you remove the aligners, like eating, drinking, or playing sports. Remember, before you put back the aligners, clean your mouth first. Food debris, and even your saliva can accumulate in your mouth. When you place your aligners over them, you promote bacteria and plaque formation. Take time to gargle and rinse your mouth before popping the trays back into place.

Store the Aligners in a Proper Place

Make sure you always carry a tray with you wherever you go. It is a bad habit to take out your aligners and just place them on the table or sink. This can contaminate your aligners and pave the way for bacterial growth. Instead, make it a habit to rinse your aligner when you take them off. Then store them in a proper container when you remove them. With this habit, you can feel confident to place them back in your mouth.

Avoid Items that Cause Stains

You can remove your invisible aligners when eating and drinking to prevent stains. Take note; certain items can hasten discolouration. For example, the following will stain both your aligners and teeth:

  • Coffee
  • Coke
  • Tea
  • Red wine
  • Dyed food

If you inadvertently take in these items that cause stains, be sure to pop off the aligners and rinse them. You must also gargle to cleanse your mouth. Besides, these stains will not only cause an unpleasant look, but they will also lead to foul smells which you certainly don’t want to come from your mouth.

Purchase a Hygiene Kit

For superior cleaning, you can purchase a hygiene or cleaning kit from your parramatta orthodontist. It comes with solutions that allow you to soak your aligners. Alternatively, you can also use a denture cleaner for a thorough cleanse. Some DIY enthusiasts also make their own vinegar solution to kill bacteria and clean the aligner.

Remember, Invisalign trays work well if you take care of them and wear them properly. When you opt for this treatment, you invest in your future smile. Thus, you must be diligent in care to ensure that your aligners are clean as they will impact your teeth. With proper oral care habits and frequent orthodontist consults, you can surely straighten your teeth in no time.

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