Minimalist House Décor: How to Nail a Minimalist House Design

Minimalist House Décor

Have a good look around your house. You’ll witness all the furniture, lighting fixtures, decoration pieces, and everything else present inside, cluttering the place. Look at that old, drabby picture frames you hung up a few years ago. Now ask yourself, do you need all that stuff? Or will you be better off by removing some decorations and a few pieces of furniture? Well, if yes, then you are well on your way to achieving minimalist house décor. After all, more and more homeowners are adopting the minimalist style to achieve a more clutter-free and organized life. So, it’s probably time for you to jump on the bandwagon and do the same.

Minimalist home décor is all about promoting restraint. Everything from your furniture and lighting choices to your living space plays an essential role in deciding the overall feel of your house. It ensures that the furnishing décor and items you choose provide the most aesthetic appeal without necessarily overstuffing every corner of your home. Of course, we aren’t saying that you throw away everything you have and keep only a few items. Minimalism is all about making the right décor purchase decisions. And today, we will help you with that. So, let us look at some surefire ways to nail a minimalistic house design.

De-clutter your home

The best and easiest way to achieve a minimalist house design without spending too much money is to de-clutter your home. If de-cluttering sounds like a hectic task, try doing it one room at a time. You’ll be amazed at the amount of unnecessary stuff you have in your house that you’ll be better off without eventually. However, some items might hold sentimental value, and it won’t be easy to part ways with them. Keeping that in mind, a storage unit will allow you to store away these items and reduce clutter while having them easily accessible. 

Moreover, finding a storage unit in your locality is pretty easy these days. So, if your home is located in Frisco, Texas, opt for storage units Frisco TX as they offer excellent and reliable services. You can store your valuables and belongings for as long as you want without the worry of them getting damaged or stolen.  

Consider function over form

When trying to achieve a minimalist house design, you should always prioritize function over form. After all, if you want to promote calmness and serenity, consider making your home more functional first. That said, consider identifying the non-functional décor, furniture, and other items and think about what you can do with them. 

For example, you might have to move and rearrange some things to ensure you can access them whenever needed. Or, you would have to discard unnecessary décor or pieces of furniture by donating them or selling them at your local furniture store. So, if a piece of décor or furnishing doesn’t add functionality, you and your home will be better off without it. 

Let art define your home’s aesthetics

You might think that you will be going against the rules of minimalist home design by incorporating art. But, your home will be more aesthetically appealing if you go for a couple of large art pieces than multiple small ones. Although this is an excellent approach to achieving a minimalist home design, remember to keep the color of other home décor items to a neutral tone. 

For instance, hang up a couple of supersized art pieces along with white paint, simple light fixtures, and beige or white furniture.

Use mirrors to your advantage

If installing new windows isn’t something you can afford, mirrors will work as a suitable alternative. They will provide you with the same aesthetic appeal and function as windows if you place them in the appropriate locations. In addition, mirrors will allow you to open up a confined, restricted living space if you put them in a way that reflects light in particular spots of your home. In the end, mirrors will help you liven up any area while achieving a mesmerizingly appealing, minimalist home decor. 

Lighting is an essential aspect

When trying to go for minimalist home design, letting in more light will be the best thing you can do. So, consider going with bare windows if you want natural light to take over and give your living space a more minimalist look and feel. However, consider installing the thinnest window shades available if you value your privacy instead of baring out all your windows. For instance, installing sheer curtains inside your rooms will allow you to maintain your privacy while letting in more natural light. 

That said, if natural light isn’t possible without taking down a few of your home’s walls, consider installing a few minimalist light fixtures. There are tons of light fixture designs and styles available in the market these days. However, consider choosing simple ones over those old, Victorian-styled light fixtures. Otherwise, you’ll ruin your home’s minimalist feel and look. 

Choose the right flooring

Just like any other aspect of your home, the right flooring can open up and liven any living space. Sure, you might be tempted to go with the first good-looking hardwood flooring you can find. But, don’t forget, the flooring design and style you choose should be according to the laws of minimalist home design. Meaning, it shouldn’t overpower other design aspects of your home. 

So, going with flooring made of neutral-colored tiles, wood-colored vinyl, or polished concrete will give your living space a minimalist feel along with a modern touch, and that too, at a lower price. After all, not every homeowner will be able to afford natural hardwood flooring. But, at the same time, the choices mentioned above will be easier to maintain as well. 


The simplicity and look of a minimalist home design are two things that every homeowner should always consider. After all, there is something special and unique about a clutter-free and clean-looking living space that we, as homeowners, should appreciate. In comparison, some individuals might say that being a minimalist is only an in-thing right now and will soon pass. However, once you embrace minimalism, there’s no going back.