Advantages of retrofit LED lighting in homes

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The standard criteria of a domestic model depend on its aesthetic appeal. Homeowners do not have to constantly upgrade their homes to facilitate the living conditions. It’s rather a one-time job in several years and requires specific attention to detail which is why lighting and its ability to touch up the appearance of the home has a good role. In most refurbishing practices it is convenient to retrofit old fixtures to newer LED lighting. For this purpose most of the light fixtures are available in retrofit LED kits which makes the installation process much easier. Although it is entirely dependent on the choice of the consumer if they want to upgrade the layout from scratch. 

What are retrofit LED kits? 

What are retrofit LED kits? 

Retrofit LED kits are a simple upgrade of light fixtures which use traditional lamp options to LED lamps. The specification of LED lamps differs a bit so the retrofit kits are convenient as they have similar specs to that of an HID, HPS, CFL bulb base. There are kits supporting the use of LED bulbs or just retrofit options that are easy to install in the pre-existing fixture place. 

Types of retrofit kits for homes 

Retrofit LED recessed lights 

Retrofit LED recessed lights 

In homes, most retrofit layout plans include the use of LED recessed lights. They are the most viable choice for several reasons which you can read about here. They are also easy to install. Many manufacturers offer to retrofit recessed lighting kits to replace incandescent or equivalent recessed lights. 

The kits have certain specifications such as the trim design and mounting clips which hold the LED trim in place with the housing. Most LED retrofit options use ‘V-shaped torsion springs or else the older fixture requires replacement with a universal fixture as it is compatible with any kind of recessed light fixture. It is easy to identify after examining the older trim and checking the housing of older fixtures. 

Retrofit LED tubes 

LED tubes are the most economical alternative to upgrading boring old fluorescent light fixtures. Initially, there were three different types of LED retrofit options available according to the UL listings which were UL Type A, UL type B, and UL Type C, now there are hybrid options available which are a mix of UL Type A and B. 

These options allow great versatility and are quite easy to install mostly with technical assistance and after matching the specifications with older fixtures. LED tubes are excellent supplemental lighting as well, these are most commonly available in T5, T8, and T12 sizes. 

Advantage of upgrading to LED light fixtures 

Retrofit LED recessed light options are highly integrable in most ceiling designs where there is extra space above the ceiling. But due to their increasing demand, light manufacturers are constantly working towards creating convenient options. So now there’s a huge variety of different housing types for different ceiling designs. The best-case scenario is being able to locate the joists easily so the manufacturers are constantly working to create retrofit kits that are easy to install after locating the joists. 

There are several advantages of installing LED light fixtures even in domestic applications which are

Higher lumen output and energy efficiency

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LED lamps have high energy efficiency which means this is an intelligent lighting option that decreases the consumption of energy while producing higher lumens of light. Lumens are actually the measure of the brightness levels of a lamp. The average traditional lighting source produces fewer lumens in comparison to LED at the same wattage. They are almost around 75% more efficient than traditional options. 

Flexible design 

LED chips are tiny and a cluster can create a bright uniform pattern which is why they are easy to integrate into any lamp. LED lamps are now available in different sizes and designs which is why it is possible to make fixtures that are easy to install in almost any place without compromising on the quality of light. 

Directional lighting 

The biggest advantage of LED lighting is its ability to save energy by different means. LED light fixtures provide light in fixed beam angles, it is directional so no amount of light produced from the fixture is wasted in the surroundings. As opposed to most traditional options which disperse the light in the surroundings. It can be customized for different elevation levels as well. 

Instant start up time 

As opposed to most traditional options like metal halide which requires a warm-up period before switching back on and fluorescent lamps which flicker a lot before lighting up. Whereas LED lamps have an instant start-up timing and don’t require any warm-up time as they do not heat up. These lights are also unfazed by frequent switching and it doesn’t affect their efficiency or life span at all. 

Environment friendly 

LED lighting is designed to facilitate the basic routine relative to the environment, as well as it has a very positive impact on the health of the general public. Most traditional lamps consume almost 80% of energy, in producing heat and only 10% of it is left for producing light. On the other hand LED lamps produce light only and heat emission is negligible. Most of the larger fixtures have a built-in heatsink which efficiently dissipates heat. These lights also do not produce or interact with ultraviolet radiation and work on green lighting technology which helps reduce carbon footprint. The light is glare-free, easy on the eyes and have known to reduce headaches and migraines. 

Smart lighting technology 

LED light fixtures allow a lot of easy access to controlling light to suit any sort of requirement. They are ambient light fixtures where a remote control switch allows dimming of light, the light has switchable CCT ( correlated color temperature) which is measurable on a Kelvin scale ranging from 2500K to 6000K and it produces warm yellow, yellow, white, cool white and daylight-like light. In most cases, the switch is easy to access and the color rendering index of LED is 80 or above which enhances the texture of the object under the light.