How to Know if Your Email List is Genuine?

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Many people are looking for ways to grow their email list, but there is always the worry that their information is not genuine. For anyone who has bought an email list in the past, you’ve likely been left with bad taste. That’s because now to buy email list and use it is restricted by most ISPs (internet service providers). It means when someone uses one of these ISP’s they won’t be able to access the emails you send.

That’s why we must look at how to get hands-on a genuine email list and avoid scams. The post will explain how you can tell if an email marketing list is authentic. Before moving on, here are a few things you need to know:

  • If your email list is genuine, then the people on there will open emails from you.
  • When you send out a message to your list, make sure it’s engaging and that they’ll want to read more.
  • To build up an email list, you need to add signup forms on your website.
  • You can also put a link at the bottom of emails that people receive from you.

Furthermore, you can take a few steps to tell if your email list is genuine or not. Some of them may seem simple, but they are essential when deciding whether to buy an email list or not. Let’s get started!

Verification Test After Buying Email List

The first thing you need to do is run what’s known as an ’email verification test’ on the addresses in the list. That is a great way to tell if the people on your email list are genuine.

Also, it will tell you how many of your emails are valid. The word ‘valid’ means that they exist and aren’t fake accounts or disposable addresses where the person never checked it before throwing it away. If any of them come back as invalid, then there is a good chance that the business email list may be full of fakes.

Get a Sample of Lead List Before Buying

The next step is to ask for a sample of the email list. It can be done by asking the provider how many emails they have in total and then looking at 15 or 20 random ones. You don’t want too few because it gives you enough information about whether the entire list is fake, and you don’t want too many because it takes time. You can then look up the domain name or IP of those emails, making sure to take a random sample from different areas in their list so that there is no bias.

If most of these come back as invalid, chances are your email marketing list may be fake as well.

Ask Them About the Mailing History

Another way to tell if your email list is fake is by asking them for a complete mailing history. It will usually include the date and number of emails sent out on each campaign. Providers like List Giant takes no time in sharing information with prospective customers. However, if they have no idea what you are talking about, then there may be something wrong with their list as well.

Know the Amount of Unsubscribed Addresses

Finally, ask how many people have unsubscribed from the email leads list. If many people have left, they may not like your at&t webmail or were annoyed by them. You don’t want to buy an email list full of angry customers and people who aren’t interested in what you have to offer anymore.

These are all the factors that will help you buy an email list and ensure all the information is authentic.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How can I check the credibility of an email address?

Luckily, you can do quite a few things to determine the reliability of a business email list. Some of them include:

  • Verification test
  • Testing out a sample
  • Checking the mailing history
  • Verifying the amount of unsubscribing addresses
  1. How to tell if an email is from a scammer?

Various signs point towards email list scams. The main two are:

  • The number of unsubscribed addresses is high
  • They will hesitate in providing samples
  1. How to verify an email address without sending an email?

We are glad you asked! The solution to this is quite simple. You can either use free email verifier tools or email finder tools that have built-in verification feature.