iTop VPN- The Fastest-Ever Free VPN For Windows

Free VPN For Windows

Looking for a reliable and the best free VPN for your Windows PC? Getting one for Android devices is easy but there are only very few free VPN for Windows and Mac OS devices. Here we have brought the best free VPN for Windows to offer you supreme privacy. 

What Are The Benefits Of Having A VPN On Your Device?

Before stepping into the benefits of having a VPN on your device, let’s have a brief idea about what exactly VPN is. A Virtual Private Network or commonly known as VPN is software that allows you to connect to a foreign internet server by replacing your IP address with a virtual one. 

No Chances For Tracking Your Activity

In several situations, your internet service provider may track your activity. Thus, your ISP will get all the information about which websites you are browsing, on which web pages you clicked, and much more. It may consist of some of your personal information like- your bank account details, passwords, etc. Even in incognito mode, your internet service provider can track your browsing history.

A VPN helps you to avoid these threats because it offers you a highly secured protocol by which nobody can track your activity. 

Say Goodbye To Data Throttling

Data throttling takes place because of the data cap by your internet service provider. Whenever your internet service provider has intrusive intentions to the users, slowing down the internet speed is what he needs. Slowing down your speed or by data cap, your ISP can track you and maximize the internet speed for those users who are none but some hackers to steal your data. 

A VPN ensures that you are connected to a secure ISP so that you may browse without any interruption and worry. A VPN also restricts others on the same network from sniffing into your web traffic content.

Get Access To The Services Blocked Or Banned In Your Region

With the help of a free VPN, you can get access to the services blocked or banned in your region. Like PUBG or Netflix, which are banned in some countries, one can access them using a VPN. But, before this, make sure that your country has no provision of penalty for using a VPN to access the banned services. In addition to this, don’t forget to go through the terms and conditions while accessing Netflix for streaming purposes. 

Curtail Support Costs And Get Low-cost Leased-line Options

In the initial stages of your business, using a VPN on your systems can help you in curtailing the server maintenance cost. It is because you can outsource the support to third-party service providers. These services often offer you services at low prices. Moreover, with the help of a VPN, your online business can get low-cost leased-line services. 

Be Anonymous 

When you are searching for such type of content on the internet that may cause risks if your identification is somehow revealed. It may cause exploitation to force you to share that data. With the help of a VPN, whatever you are searching on the internet doesn’t reveal your identification.

Install The iTop VPN On Your Windows Device To Make it More Secure And Faster

iTop VPN offers you next-level privacy protection with lots of free options to switch to the servers of various countries. Unlike several other VPNs, iTop VPN offers you an extra-broad bandwidth capacity so that you may browse or download high internet speed consuming content without any interruption. In the latest version of the iTop VPN, you can keep an eye on your IP address to avoid unnoticed disconnection. 

Download this best free VPN for Windows on your device and enjoy secure browsing.