The Five Coolest Things Your Apple Watch Can Do

The Five Coolest Things Your Apple Watch Can Do

If you have purchased an Apple Watch and don’t know where to start, then fear not, we have the answers you need. This device is incredible as it can track your health and fitness, keep you in touch with the world and allow you to enjoy a wide range of apps that will help you through each day. To get started, take a look at five of the coolest things that your Apple Watch has to offer.

Install Some Apple Watch Friendly Apps

Firstly, the fact that Apple Watch offers a huge number of apps that can be used directly from your wrist. Whether you want tools to manage your home, fitness insights, or games to keep you entertained, there is an app that can do the trick.

To find apps that work for you is simple – head to the app store and search through the different app genres designed for your watch, then download any that interest you. Once you did that, head to the Apple Watch app on your phone and select the app menu to arrange all your apps in a way that suits your needs.

Get Help with SOS

If you have a trip or fall when you are alone, then you may find it hard to get help, especially in an emergency situation – this is no longer the case with Apple Watch!

When you take a tumble, your Apple Watch will register it and send a notification to your wrist from which you can tell the watch you are ok or request emergency assistance. The great thing is that if you are unable to respond because you are hurt, the watch will contact emergency services on your behalf and get you the help you need.

Change Your Watch Face to Suit Your Mood

Apple offers a large number of watch faces to choose from so that you can see whatever piques your interest each day. All you need to do is press down on the current face until the option to edit comes up, and then you can choose a new face.

From photo faces to activity trackers and traditional views, there are so many different options that you can change it over every day without getting bored!

See Your Efforts with a Glance

Another great thing that Apple Watches offer is the ability to see the progress you’ve made on your daily activity without having to swipe and select different apps. Apple shows three colored rings on your watch that give you an idea of how far you’ve got left to go, and your mission is to close them all by the end of the day.

The pink ring shows the number of calories you have burned so far, the green ting shows the number of minutes you’ve exercised intensely, and the blue ring shows you how many hours in the day you’ve managed to stand after sitting for a period of time.

Talk to Siri by Lifting Your Wrist

Siri isn’t new to Apple Watch, but the way this voice command service works is still pretty cool! All you have to do is lift your wrist and say ‘hey Siri’ followed by your command. Siri will then activate and complete the task you have set.

You can ask Siri to play your music, call or text someone, tell you the weather, and much more. You can even direct Siri to add an item to a list or use your household automation system – the possibilities are endless!

Enjoy Your Apple Watch as Much as Possible

When you stop to consider the number of great features that Apple Watch has to offer, you will be pleased that you took the first step to purchasing one! Take your time to get to know everything it can do and personalize it so that you can enjoy it to the max!