How to Build Social Media Presence for Your Restaurant?


Restaurateurs have realized the increasing importance of a robust social media presence. As per the survey results reported by TouchBistro, 41% of the restaurant-goers try out a new restaurant based on positive feedback on social media. Let’s try out the various techniques for boosting the social media presence of your restaurant.

5 tips for building a strong social media presence

Build an active social media profile – 

The first step would be to build your restaurant’s social media page on platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Include details such as your location, hours of operation, contact numbers, and the link to your website. Also, include a widget where customers can order food online directly from your restaurant

Post engaging content – 

There’s no point in posting innumerable photos and videos. Try to post relevant content that will boost your engagement. With the help of India’s leading digital restaurant marketing solutions platform Inresto, now engage with your audience at a very minimal cost.

Social Media Listening –

Social media listening is all about listening to your customers or clients. You should listen to your audience because then you can understand their problems and can come up with effective solutions.

Make use of videos – 

In the survey conducted by Biteable, 74% of the marketers opined that video offers a better return on investment when compared to Google ads. Hence, post videos that your customers are quite excited about. It can be launching a new dish, offering a sneak peek to your kitchen or a live video of your chef offering cooking tips.

Conduct contests – 

Post the photos of the signature dishes on your social media page. For the best comment, announce a flat 25% off on all pizzas. Conducting such contests will prompt the users to comment and like your posts.

Quickly respond to reviews – 

Be it positive or negative, handle social media reviews with utmost urgency. In case of negative reviews, take corrective measures and communicate the same to the customer.

Parting Words  

In the post-Covid world, restaurateurs are trying out all techniques to boost sales. By following the above techniques, now you can witness an enormous increase in footfalls. A strong social media profile also helps you gain an upper hand over other players in the industry.