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The Dubai Marina Mall and Jumeirah Beach Residences complexes are present near to marina and beach and many shopping malls and entertainment venues are present in these important places. Many lively and vibrant places can be found in neighborhood marina and Jumeirah Beach. There are houses for sale in Dubai and offices or places having High-end brand malls, supermarkets, and everyday cafes at very reasonable prices. In Dubai many entertainment avenues host many functions, parties and official dinners. Dubai future accelerators (DFA) organization was formed by Dubai’s government and important factions to devise a plan to develop rules and regulations that may facilitate and develop the tourism and migrations regulations. DFA tried to enact rules and regulations that may counter the challenges that are present to Dubai’s Tourism and development.  Due to these regulations companies were given invitation and facilities to come to Dubai and invest in different fields of life to support Dubai’s economy.

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Analysts consider economy of Dubai as the most dynamic and fast developing and growing economy at economic index ranking. Every country faces many challenges during his fast track progress that has to be overcome by the country to compete the global market. Dubai and different nations around the globe were impacted by the global monetary emergency situation that occurred in the year 2008. Dubai is one of the nations that have figured out how to Deal with global recession and consequences of the global recessions were tackle by devising a strategy. Housing unit’s demand in Dubai has increased due to the devised strategy. This new policy promoted the investment in different sectors that facilitated the motivated the investors to invest in the real estate. With the increase in investment demand for other goods and services has also risen that is drifting up the economy of UAE. For example the prices for in Jvc apartment for salehave also gone up due to this high investment in real estate market along with the increase in employment opportunities in DUBAI. The recession period of Dubai has gone due to Best strategies of Government and private sector indigenous firms.

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One of the many fascinating offer that one can have is the offer to buy the property at Dubai as Buy apartment Dubai marina. The prices of property in Dubai marina are very high but looking at the facilities that one can find in these residential areas, it is very nominal. Open beaches or marina scenes and beautiful locations present in these areas are the appealing reasons that urge people to buy property and reside at these places.  This also fascinates the tourists and they come to live and work in Dubai. Tourism is the main and major industry or sector in Dubai that contribute the major share in its economy and UAE’s economy heavily rely on tourism and Oil industries. Due to great recession around the globe people fears the investment in any field but Now increase in investment in real estate sector of Dubai is the sign of investor’s trust on government of Dubai’s policies and economy.

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