How to Talk About Fashion in a Foreign Language?

fashion in a foreign language

Fashion is arguably the most common subject of discussion after food and travel. Fashion is something people relate to and discuss even if they are not even remotely connected with the industry. And it is as popular a topic with males as it is with females and other genders. Therefore, it is a topic that you should have a good grasp of, if you plan to strengthen your friendship with a native speaker. In this article we will cover some of the topics that you can discuss with your foreign ‘BFF’ and have fun.

  1. Discuss about your personal style

Your personal style is probably the easiest to discuss because there is zero research required. Most of it would be evident anyways. You can start with the basics such as the material you love to wear or that you are currently wearing. To describe the clothes that you wear you can choose from a variety of terms, but it is best to stick to simpler terms if you are new at the language. If the person you are speaking with is adept at the language, they may offer a better description for your clothes. You can also describe your style, whether it is high end or street, whether it is bohemian or classy. This may also include the type of patterns you like to wear or the colors which look best on you. This is also the point where you can let the other person know about your favourite brands that you like to shop with.

  1. Discuss about dress codes for public places

In certain countries they have a very strict dress code for public places like places of worship, weddings, parties, formal events etc. Exchanging information on how the two cultures differ when having a conversation in a foreign language is a conversation worth remembering. If you have relocated for a job, it is extremely important that you discuss the business formal dress codes or dresses that are acceptable at business events even if there is no written version of such a code. Casual dressing is usually reserved for shopping, or in a relaxed setting such as brunch.

  1. Complimenting others on their sense of dressing

Complimenting people with their style or dresses has the potential of making you a new friend. The genuine compliment will consist of a word of praise or adulation and learning how to get your hands on a similar piece. To sound even more convincing add detail of what exactly did you like the most. You could also choose to describe the fit of the cloth, whether it is flattering or suited to your body type etc. It is also recommended that you offer a courteous response when you are given a compliment. You could also reciprocate the same as a token of thanks. In case you are looking to learn the history of Haitian Creole, you can Learn Haitian Creole on

  1. You could also discuss fashion trends

Whether you agree or dislike particular fashion trends makes for a great bonding factor while in a conversation. For instance, you love those floral prints are dominating the clothes for all genders, however you do not agree with low rise jeans as they look flattering on a particular body type only. You could also support the body positivity movement that has been washing over the internet and project yourself as an active advocate of the same. You could also spot trends in makeup and discuss your proclivity towards them. watch out for all the action on a fashion movement & try to relate yourself with it. Be it in any form don’t hesitate to put lift yourself with the fashion trend you are dying to put up.

  1. You could discuss traditional clothing in your native country

Traditional clothing pieces make for great conversations as people are usually interested to understand them and are fascinated by them. When you discuss traditional clothing with your conversation partner, they are more likely to solidify your identity within their minds. You could also provide reasons for selected materials that are used. For example, in some cultures bamboo is used to make certain pieces of clothing because it is local and abundantly available. This lets your conversation partner engage in the history and culture of your native place as well. Having these conversations every once in a while, will keep you updated, and will help keep building your vocabulary. Since the fashion industry keeps evolving you will have ample things to learn and speak. Keep up with the trend, evolve yourself with the fashion trend, copy the latest influencers dressing, and last but not least be it any fashion keep your body language positive when you have one.