The Future of Menswear Is Now


The men’s fashion industry is on a rise. One of the major reasons for this is that men are getting more into fashion than ever before. They are now slowly realizing just how important fashion is. But of course, there are some concerns as well. For instance, some may ponder upon the environmental impact and wastefulness of fast fashion. At the same time, they might question the dictatorial nature of the seasonal trends. Nonetheless, it is hard to deny the fact that when it comes to dressing, men have never been in such a good place. They are now more open to experimenting with their clothing and are opting for different items such as khaki shorts, and polo shirts much more actively.

Men Have Become More Style Aware

In recent years, men have become more style aware. They now care about what they wear and if they look good or not. There is a lot of material available for them today to refer to for guidance when it comes to dressing well. For instance, there are numerous fashion magazines for men that can let them know what’s hot and what’s not. Apart from that, there are different websites and also social media platforms that can educate men about style. The availability of such resources has helped them generate interest in clothes. And now, they look into colors, and patterns whenever they go shopping. Also, they know just how dapper the right tailoring will make them look.

Fashion Is Accessible for Men

Another reason why men have become so style-conscious is that fashion is now easily accessible for them. The strong influence of sports and streetwear played a major role in making menswear much more approachable, urban, and most importantly, comfortable for men. The dress codes have softened significantly, allowing men to invest more in clothes. Also, the emergence of various affordable brands is another factor why men have started to spend so much on the clothes they wear. And of course, with the amount of money they spend, they do prefer the quality to be absolutely pristine. This is why the majority of men’s brands consider quality to be an important element when manufacturing garments for them.  

Besides quality, fashion brands also make sure to offer a lot more choices to men. This is what increases the competition in the market. And it is all good news for men’s fashion. How? Well, it is because competition leads to innovation. So, the fiercer the competition is, the more variety men can expect to receive in their clothing.

The Demand Is Growing & So Is the Number of Online Stores

Due to how popular men’s fashion is getting, there is no surprise that men are now looking actively for brands that offer the best quality and a number of options. Also, they prefer those names that can truly give them value for their money. Considering how the demand for men’s fashion is rising, business owners have started to take this as an opportunity to launch their online stores. And today, there are multiple online businesses that offer great and affordable clothing options. This is the driving factor for men to shop online more frequently.

Many established brands have also moved to the online space which is actually very good news for men. How? Well, now, they can easily shop on the internet from trusted retailers without having to drive to brick-and-motor stores. This saves them from that hassle!

What Do the Influential Figures Have to Say?

There are many different influential figures in the fashion world who are excited about men’s style moving forward. Let’s see what some of them have to say.

#1. Gildo Zegna

He is the CEO of Ermenegildo Zegna. According to him, menswear has never been so free. Gildo Zegna thinks that fashion and style are two different terms and that men have aced both. They know how to dress stylishly. He also says that menswear has become much more casual. And, also how everyone today prefers to wear chinos and comfortable shirts. Also, there are some certain suits now that people can wear to jog. There is flexibility now in menswear that never existed before. And men are genuinely free to try whatever they want.

#2. Nicky Ashley

The creative director of Private White VC, Nicky Ashley believes that men have finally learned how to have fun with clothes. He thinks that men are now dressing just for the joy of it and there is nothing more beautiful than that. People are now experimenting with the color, shape, and textures of clothes. And it’s definitely exciting.

#3. Bosse Myhr

Bosse Myhr is the director of Menswear at Selfridges. And he is of the opinion that men’s fashion is moving faster than ever. And he is not wrong! Men’s fashion has truly picked up the pace and has become widely popular all over the globe. The whole world can now be connected through fashion and it is something that was not possible before.

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Men have become more serious about fashion than they were before. They now prefer to carry themselves stylishly wherever they go. And fashion brands are aware of this which is why they are focusing more to provide men with both variety and quality to meet their fashion demands and expectations. Considering what is currently going on with menswear, it is safe to say that the future of men’s fashion is now!