Sustain summer with Sustainable Sunnies

sustainable glass

Sunny days are coming, and sunglasses are a must-have. Shades are the ultimate fashion statement that gets you a clean-cut look and leads an easy walk in a park or beach on a hot day. Nevertheless, the eyewear industry is an eye-opener too. Most of the trendsetters in this merchandise are usually composed of unsustainable materials which are highly polluting. Research suggests the Western population buy hundreds of millions of plastic shades to wear for a while and toss them over. It is high time to offer an eco-friendly alternative to these plastic sunnies, which takes more than 450 years to decompose. At the moment when the pace of global warming and other ecological hardships increases, and environmental responsibility is expected, sustainable glasses could make you a conscious customer.

However, the countless choices on the market and incorrect advertisements create a major problem in the shopping of the pair of sustainable shades. Brands use ‘non-toxic’, ‘organic’, ‘sustainable’ on products that do not meet the expectations of their claims. This ‘green washing’ of the consumers is frequent in the market as it is not illegal. The only way to cope with this misunderstanding is by educating the customers with smart choices for the planet.

What is sustainable glass?

Eco-friendly eyewear is a sustainable pair of frames made ethically and organically. They are handmade glasses with 100% biodegradable plant-based bio-acetate or recycled substances. Accessories that are used for the making are either FSC-certified Portuguese cork or 100% GOTS- authorized organic cotton. As a PETA approved vegan product, sustainable glass would have a completely biodegradable carbon-neutral package.

Features of sustainable glasses:

1. The goal is to provide an eco-friendly home for people, so the glasses and the cases are made from bio-acetate and recycled substances.

2. It provides the similar cool looks traditional frames give without sacrificing the esthetics and design.

3. It minimizes the depletion of natural resources.

The benefits of this modern and responsible enterprise are:

  • Provident and economical

Sustainable glasses might save your pockets in the long haul as the premium quality natural productions generate long-lasting sunnies. Even though its price tag is higher than the ‘plastic’ glasses, no replacing is needed as its durability is longer than the expectation.

  • 2. Environmentally safe

The use of biodegradable plant-based bio-acetate controls the challenges of environmental degradation without forfeiting design or aesthetics. Eco-friendly glasses could be also produced from reclaimed plastics, which are collected from abandoned single used bottles and fishnets.

  • Zero room for health threats

Eco-Friendly shades do not contain toxic substances like lead and cadmium, which causes skin irritation. They are purely made from organic materials and have zero compromises to extra additives which pose a severe health threat.


This sustainable pair of frames are completely disposable as they are made from materials like cork and bio-acetate. The use of reclaimed plastic, wood and bamboo ensures fast decomposition. Either recycling or turning them into compost creates easy disposal.

Sustainable development is a very real necessity of the time. Sustainable and ethical eyewear carries a common good in itself. Switch to eco-friendly products and feel the sense of contentment for yourself. Shop sustainable glasses in response to the hot summer and hot topic of pollution problems. Be the watchman of the earth and good luck with the sustainable summer!