How to Recycle Dab Boxes in an Appropriate way


Wastages that we are attaining from hazardous packaging solutions are providing putting a lot of negative impacts on the stability of our environment. Manufacturing processes of toxic solutions like plastic and metals are dangerous for our nature due to the release of toxic gasses and chemicals. It is why we are in need of recycling the Dab Boxes to purify our nature. It involves different processes, and if you do them perfectly, you can easily earn a huge reputation for your brand. Below are the ways in which you can easily recycle these packages without giving your extra effort.

Is it recyclable?

The first question that we have to face before we initiate the process of the recycling process is that is the concentrate packages are recyclable or not. You can find the answer from one statement only. The statement is that they include cardboard, kraft, and corrugated paper materials in them. These are the materials that are quite famous because of their recyclable nature. These are the materials that are recyclable only because of their natural extraction or manufacturing process. Wood pulp is mostly utilized in producing these paper materials. And due to this organic extraction, they do not need any kind of chemical or bleach to produce boxes. It is the reason that the packages that we get from them are both recyclable and biodegradable. Because of their biodegradability, it is very easy to recycle them.

Breaking down:

It is a process that does not take any kind of extra effort and efficiency. Here you just need to cut your dab boxes by utilizing cutters or scissors. With a cutter, just cut down the tape or glue that is holding the box firmly to its sides, bottom, or top holder. Some packages have die-cut windows on them, so make sure that you have removed all of these unnecessary materials. The next step is to place it on a flat bottom surface on which you can remove its tapes, glues, or any other thing that is not related to paper. During breaking down, if the paper gets in contact with water or any sort of liquid, make sure to cut out that part; otherwise, it will be hard for you to recycling it. This liquid can be the fluids or oils that the product has in it, which you have packed in the box.

Process of drying:

After the utilization and cutting down the box from your concentrate packaging, make sure that it does not contain any kind of residue that can affect the process of drying. Make sure that you are placing the cut-down paper sheet in a place where it cannot get in contact with any kind of material that can lessen the process of its recycling. For instance, if you are placing the box or paper sheet in your warehouse, the chances are there that it can get moisture. It is due to the nature of cardboard paper that it can absorb liquid or moisture easily, so you need to be careful while placing them in a place to dry. Even if it gets any liquid or residue, the best option would be to just cut the place instead of wasting time for its drying.


Compostable packages are related to biodegradability in different aspects. It is necessary to have your custom dab packaging to have this characteristic in it in order to get its perfect recycling. In this method, what you need to do is to remove all the residue and materials that can have any impact on the decomposition of your break down paper. First, break down the paper into small pieces and soak it in the water. Then just take this material and sprinkle it on the pile that you make of your break down paper or the one that you want to compost. It will help your pile to get carbon-rich materials that can enhance its recyclability. After that, you need to apply the stirring method on your pile to make sure that your compostable paper material is getting enough supply of oxygen to reduce moisture in it.


After you complete the process of recycling your packaging, there are several options in which you can reutilize it. After you recycle it, now you have the option to reutilize it to form new boxes out of it. This will help you to save a lot of money in getting the presentation and delivery mediums for your products. The best thing about this solution is that you can get them to reuse in hundreds of other ways. Whether you want to utilize them as a transporting process during house moving or you want to use them to ship your valuable products overseas. With them, you can easily do that. The best thing about boxes is that you do not have to apply any kind of extra money and processing resources to get different things out of them. All of their various usages are only because of the nature of recyclability that they contain in them.

Keeping the environment safe is not just the responsibility of manufacturers. It also depends on the users that are going to utilize the concentrate packaging. With these steps, both of them, whether they are manufacturers or customers, can easily recycle this solution. Recyclability is the only way in which we can make sure that our generations will see a better environment to breathe.