Good Excuses For Missing Work

excuses for missing work

It can be a tricky procedure to have to get out of work and tell your boss about it. You cannot feel completely comfortable revealing the facts at times. Changes in the last-minute schedule, personal responsibilities, and lazy days frequently contribute to missing work. We discuss acceptable reasons in this article to leave work early and how to apply for this period in a professional manner. and excuses for missing work that can be believable to your boss.

Good Excuses For Missing Work

During the workday, personal activities and duties often demand focus. There could be career opportunities for certain activities that cause you to be out of the office.

I am Sick


If you are ill or wounded, one of the most suitable excuses for missing work early is to prevent you from concentrating on your work. Be sure to let everyone on your team know that you are taking the day off. And transfer all of your appointments. Most employers won’t doubt the legitimacy of your illness, and if you’re just demanding one or two days out of work, you certainly won’t be asked to have a doctor’s note. To leave early or if you need to take extra time off work, you can need to file sick leave paperwork.

Family Emergency


Most of the time, by granting leave, your boss would like to take care of your family member. Whether you are a caretaker or parent, you may request to leave early to fix diseases, injuries, or other unplanned family issues that require your immediate attention. If you have kids, this excuse is one of the best of all the good excuses for missing work on short notice. If your spouse or parent is ill or wants your presence for some cause, you may also use this excuse. Anybody who has children, or even has friends with children, knows that they get sick all the time. It’s the most plausible justification that can be used by a parent.

Home Emergency

home imergency

House emergencies are another strong reason for missing work that most executives would not say no to from time to time, and things break down. It happens to all of us. If you tell them the dilemma, most employers may understand. Extended leave can be given in extreme situations or to have more time to handle home emergencies. To ensure you can stay concentrated and efficient when you return to work, it is best, to be frank with your boss. This justification induces a sense of urgency, and most employers will realize that an employee has an emergency that brings them out of the office.

I Have a Dentist’s Appointment.

dentist appointment

Toothaches are extremely serious and very painful that almost all can sympathize with. You cannot skip this appointment, and this cannot be rescheduled as this week’s doctor is really busy, and this is very painful. Your employer would look like a very bad individual if they didn’t let you know that you are in too much pain.

Car Issues

car repair

Another good reason you can use to get out of work for a day is getting car problems that result in you being unable to get to work. A visit to the garage can suck the entire day as you are in the middle of the lane, a car will break down, and as a result, you will be late. Let your boss know that you will need the day off to take care of your car problems so you can have reliable transportation again to take care of your car problems.

Visiting School


For those who have children, this is another perfect excuse for missing work. Your son is not focused on studies, and you were called to come by the class teacher. You need to chat face to face. This is the essential thing, and you can’t miss it at all. There’s a day off you like.

Food Poisoning

food poisonings

On our list of good reasons to miss work on short notice, this is a perfect one because it’s embarrassing and relatable.

Your employer does not want to hear your food poisoning specifics, so they can let it go pretty quickly. Food poisoning is not pretty. It will be known to someone who has been there before, and nobody needs information about anything so disgusting.

Your Pet Wants To Go To The Doctor.

pet sick

This is one of the good reasons to miss work on short notice because if needed, it can be used 2-3 times a year and totally out of your control. Many individuals treat their pets as relatives, sometimes even just like kids, and most employers are sensitive to this and would typically allow you to take a day off without question to take care of your furry friend.

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Hope these quick tips will help you to decide a concrete reason for missing work for a day or even to leave work early. For more understanding of such situations, do visit our JOBPIVOT. We hope for your successful career.