Best Ways For Fixing Your Broken Screen In 2021

fixing brocken screen

Screen digitizer is one of the major components of a smartphone. Whether you are using your smartphone for gaming or calling, you need a screen to view desired content on the device. Cell phone screen was being used as a source of viewing content, but technology has taken it to the next level.

Now, the smartphone features a touch screen digitizer that allows you to access the content as well. Smartphone manufacturers offer beautiful displays powered by AMOLED, IPS, or, Retina panel. 

No doubt, smartphone screens have the good built quality and features beautiful displays for a better user experience. These displays also come with gorilla glass protection that protects them from getting damaged.

However, these screens are prone to get damaged during an accident or a drop on a hard surface. Here the question arises, what to do if the smartphone screen gets broken by mistake? There is a variety of ways in which you can fix your broken smartphone screen easily. 

Have a look at some of the proven ways about how to fix a broken screen

Contact Customer Care Support:

If your smartphone’s screen gets damaged, contacting customer care support is the most suitable way to get your phone repaired. Customer care support will guide you in fixing broken screens to the best of their knowledge.

As discussed earlier, smartphone manufacturers provide gorilla glass protection and claim that it can protect your phone from every kind of damages. They provide you with a warranty card using which you can get your smartphone repaired for free. However, the provisions of the warranty card vary from company to company. In case your device is not eligible to get repaired under warranty, even though you will get it repaired from the professionals. 

Visit a Repair Clinic:

Do not worry if your smartphone is not eligible for getting repaired under warranty. You can visit a repair clinic to fix your broken screen. Smartphone manufacturers built customized repair clinics for providing quality services to their customers. Let’s take the iPhone 6s as an example for better clarification.

Suppose your iPhone 6s screen gets damaged due to a drop and the device is out of warranty. There are more than 700 apple repair stores in the world. You can go to one of them and get your broken iPhone 6s screen repaired by apple professionals. In case you do not want to visit branded stores, you can take the help of local repair clinics. All you have to do is to consider some crucial factors such as data security, reputation in the market, etc., before handing over your device for a repair.

Hire Mechanic:

As we know, the COVID-19 pandemic has changed our way of living. People chose to stay at home for preventing themselves from coronavirus. As this COVID-19 is a virus, we prefer ordering essentials at home rather than visiting premises for making a purchase. Companies have created a new trend of providing goods and services to their customers at the home.

Repair service providers provide mechanics at your doorsteps to repair your smartphone. In case your smartphone’s screen got damaged, you can hire a mechanic and get your device repaired by a professional. He will repair your smartphone using all the precautions to prevent the spread of coronavirus. However, make sure to sanitize your surroundings after the mechanic left your home to ensure better health.

YouTube Tutorials:

YouTube is the world’s largest online video platform. You can watch every kind of video on this platform according to your interest. As the trend of YouTube is increasing day by day, professionals made it a source of income. Smartphone mechanics keep on uploading video tutorials for repairing the device in a few easy steps.

If you get your device broken during a drop or an accident, you can repair it after watching YouTube tutorials. These tutorials include step by step instructions to replace a smartphone screen using some ordinary tools. All you need to know is to search for a video that includes the repair of a similar smartphone as you are willing to fix. However, make sure you had understood all the steps before fixing your broken screen..

Buy Professional Tools:

A smartphone is assembled with delicate spare parts that must be handle carefully while repairing. You cannot fix a broken smartphone screen with ordinary screwdrivers and other spare parts. If you want to repair a smartphone by yourself, you have to buy ESD safe tools for expected results. ESD (Electrostatic discharge) means electric current produced by two electrically charged elements. Smartphones can exert ESD current during a repair that can damage your device and is harmful to you as well. To prevent yourself from ESD shock, you must have ESD safe tools, gloves, and a working desk. 


A smartphone’s screenplays a crucial role in viewing the desired content without any hindrance. You cannot use your smartphone for a couple of seconds without its screen digitizer. Smartphone manufacturers may claim that the device features gorilla glass for screen protection, but the screen can get damaged during an accident or a drop on a hard surface.

Do not worry if your smartphone screen gets broken due to a mishappening. There is a variety of ways by which you can replace your broken screen with a newer one. You can choose from any of the above-mentioned alternatives and get your smartphone repaired. However, I suggest you should not repair your smartphone by yourself.

A smartphone features delicate phone parts that need to be handling carefully during a repair. Repair clinic professionals and technicians have expertise in repairing a smartphone efficiently. So, hand over your smartphone to a repair clinic, or a technician for getting it repaired accurately.