Data Analytics Skills: 10 Ways Students Can Hone Analytical

A ResearchGate report suggests that around 45% of students don’t possess sufficient critical thinking capabilities. Their deficient analytical potential makes them ineligible to land desired positions in the business sector. Besides, the number of vocations demanding candidates with social, digital, and analytical skills has risen by 94% during the past four decades. Since almost every company invests in big data, they require experts to handle data-driven decision-making.

Therefore, acquiring and improving these “soft skills” has become a must-have for modern-day students and employees in the post-pandemic marketplace. They help you make informed decisions, thereby enhancing your employer’s profitability. Now, how to hone these skills?

Improving your analytical capabilities effectively

First, let’s explain what analytical capabilities mean today. These “soft skills” help you collect and evaluate data and discover trends/patterns to extract meaningful conclusions. Generally, it enables employees to identify problems, develop solutions, and monitor the progress of their strategies. So, these skills make you a better communicator, critical thinker, and problem-solver. Additionally, you learn to deal strategically with data and make data-driven policies. So, which analytical abilities should students acquire now? These include SQL, Excel, data visualization, statistical programming, communication, presentation, and so on. But how can you mold yourself into a better analytical person? Bolster your analytical capabilities effectively as a student through these surefire ways:

  1. Consider a course

Today, many students and professionals have honed their academic expertise via distance learning courses. These online educational facilities have enabled youngsters and professionals to obtain higher academic qualifications and apply for jobs with better earnings. So, it’s only viable to leverage eLearning options to attain MSA skills to make data-driven decisions for your employer.

Advancing your education helps you develop your analytical qualities and expands your knowledge. So, return to college during the pandemic and reap the benefits.

  • Read actively

Students should develop their reading strategies to become better analysts. But that doesn’t mean that you should merely read any material. “Active reading” involves carefully examining what you’re studying, asking relevant questions, and drawing conclusions from the content. You can remain engaged with the book by reading aloud, predicting events, or highlighting enticing portions.

This method helps you digest the material you’ve just read, gradually transforming you into an analytical person.

  • Elicit questions

When talking about data, asking questions exhibits your willingness to ensure the correctness of the information available. Neuroscientists have agreed that curiosity demonstrates an individual’s intelligence. It shows that your cognitive functions (memory and attention) are working better than okay. And that’s the kind of person employers are hiring in today’s business industry.

A person hired to handle data must possess the attention-to-detail capability for making accurate decisions.

  • Practice math

Do you need mathematical proficiency to become a data scientist? Fortunately, this vocation doesn’t require you to learn subjects other than these three, algebra, calculus, and statistics. So, practice your mathematical capabilities to sharpen yourself analytically. Solve high school math questions to boost logical thinking and to improve your problem-solving skills. A good mathematician is well-trained for handling big data and can derive meaningful conclusions from basic information.

  • Keep learning

Don’t stop learning if you wish to attain the pinnacle of analytical proficiency. You can leverage digital education facilities after completing your degree. But there’s another option involving the concept of “passive learning.” In this one-way education, you learn from material like reading textbooks or watching prerecorded lectures. According to estimates, 60% of people are passive learners primarily because of the convenience it provides. This method helps sharpen your analytical capabilities for the long run.

  • Start journaling

Writing about your thought processes can help you make conclusions effectively regarding the given data. Many data scientists utilize this strategy to think better and improve their cognitive abilities. It helps a person consider different approaches when all scenarios are sketched textually on paper in front of them.

In the field of data science, the trial-and-error mechanism is often implored. So, you can track your previous mistakes by journaling effectively and recording your thoughts properly.

  • Play some mind games

Playing games can also boost your analytical capabilities since they compel you to visualize how different variables are mutually related. You examine the situation from numerous perspectives and reach a decision based on the available information. It’s an enjoyable technique that allows you to conduct analyses effectively.

Some examples include Sudoku, puzzles, board games, or other games that require mental effort. They enhance your data-driven decision-making qualities immensely.

  • Socialize effectively

Undeniably, keeping your social circle small results in the same topic being discussed repeatedly. It adversely affects your logical thinking and thought patterns. Besides, diversity marks an excellent analyst. And what better way to embrace diversity than by interacting with various people from multiple backgrounds. When you surround yourself with people possessing multiple personalities, it compels you to become creative. Diversity brings forth imagination that enables analysts to consider different approaches with their data. Where to meet different people? Well, start networking and contact friends-of-friends.

  • Use Digital Tools

Your employer expects you to utilize analytical software solutions for collecting, sorting, evaluating, and translating market-related data into useful information. Amateur analysts are aware of some essential tools, including Google Analytics used by mainstream organizations. But some companies also use its alternatives such as Fathom, Mixpanel, or Adobe Analytics. Using these tools will prepare you for handling corporate responsibilities in the future.

  1. Participate in projects

Many colleges and universities conduct analysis-based projects in which students participate and show their logical acumen. Even during digital lectures, you can leverage your networking abilities to discover relevant projects. Participating in these programs can prepare you for real-life experiences in the future where your employers will expect you to deconstruct information for policymaking. So, begin your data-driven journey from any digital college to fathom the intricacies of data analysis.


Today, many companies utilize big data analytics and are correctly known as insights-based businesses. And most of them prefer hiring candidates with data skills and analytical capabilities. So, how can students improve their analytical abilities to remain eligible for future jobs? We have suggested some methods, including participating in analysis-based projects and practicing your analytical qualities regularly. Moreover, consider enrolling in academic courses, try brain games, and read good material like journals and periodicals. In no time, you’ll be mastering the art of data analytics.

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