Preparing for the Heat – Commercial AC

Commercial AC

The summer heat is hard to beat without the right tools. Winters can also be quite back-breaking. Many individuals prefer using an AC to achieve this endeavor. While residential ACs are prevalent, organizations opt for Commercial Units. A commercial AC Unit is centralize air conditioning for the whole room. It gets use in many organizations today. There are various AC units available for individuals to choose from to protect themselves from harsh weather. Thus, this article will convey the multiple types of AC units available for commercial purposes in today’s scenario.

Comprehensive Range of Units

As mentioned, there are a plethora of options that organizations choose from for their enclosures. Here are some prevalent picks in the market.

i) Cassette Units – Cassette ACs get mount on ceilings for convenience. These AC units are install in a central location to ensure even distribution of air. As such, these units are highly effective in our fast-paced world. Professionals modify these air conditioners and add new features to them for efficiency. Here are some types prevalently purchase in the market.

  • Compact – The compact cassette is the basic version of these AC Units. It fits perfectly on the ceiling. These units have a 2-stage turbo-fan, a high lift drain pump and are easy to maintain. As such, small-time organizations highly prefer these units.
  • 4-Way Flow – Another variation of these cassette units is the 4-way flow unit. This AC is highly efficient as it contains 3-dimensional blades, which ensure excellent airflow. The DC technology also ensures lesser power consumption.
  • Circular Flow – Finally, the circular flow variation is highly effective for bigger enclosures. These units are excellent products as they deliver air consistently throughout the room in a circular fashion. The temperature is maintaine, and power consumption gets reduce for efficiency. They also have a human sensor to detect human movement for innovative functionality.

ii) Ducted Units – Many commercial enclosures also utilize ducted Air Conditioners for convenience. These AC units help in reducing storage and are also effective distributors of air. These units also have variations preferred by many depending on the size of the enclosure, number of people, etc. As such, here are some widely use units.

  • Mini Duct – These units have a 6-speed option for better airflow control. They’re also highly compact.
  • Slim Duct – These are installable in narrow duct units with ease. They also have a pressure selector for the fan motor.
  • Medium Pressure Duct – These instruments are better for a medium-sized enclosure. They’re easy to maintain.
  • High-Pressure Duct – This commercial AC unit uses high pressure to deliver air effectively. It also comprises a tray and plugs to ensure safety.

iii) Floor/Ceiling Units – These Air Conditioners are quite handy instruments. One can install them on the floor or the ceiling, depending on their preference.

  • Compact Console – This type of unit is a portable variation. It comprises two and ensures good airflow.
  • Dual Console – This type of AC is also highly effective. The design is ergonomic, and it uses DC technology for efficient power consumption.
  • Ceiling Console – This is the final variation. It offers a ceiling console for better airflow.

iv) Wall Mounted – Finally, professionals also deliver Wall Mounted Units for individuals. With the advent of many organizations going green, people prefer efficient technologies. Thus, this Commercial Unit uses technology that ensures lesser consumption of power and efficient delivery of air.

In conclusion, A Commercial AC Unit is preferred highly by many individuals today for dealing with harsh weather conditions. Beating the weather has never been easier with the help of these easy-to-maintain AC Units.

Author : Alison Lurie