Quick Comparison on MBA in Digital Marketing vs Marketing

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A lot of students face this dilemma when they need to choose between the numerous MBA Specializations available today. Especially when it comes to digital marketing vs marketing. 

One is a really old field whereas the other one is fairly new. Both have their own perks and benefits. 

MBA in Digital Marketing vs Marketing is not a debate about which specialization is better, it’s about which specialization is better for your career & future. 

In this article, we’re going to state the basic & important information about both the programs, all you need to do is then figure out where your interest and skill lie. 

MBA in Digital Marketing vs MBA in Marketing

What is an MBA in Digital Marketing Program? 

What is an MBA in Digital Marketing Program? 

An MBA in Digital Marketing Program is a professional post-graduation course which is generally of 2 years. In this specialization, students are trained and prepared to create & run marketing campaigns via online/digital platforms. 

Website Creation, Search Engine Optimization, Search Engine Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Content Marketing, Analytics, Tracking & reporting, etc are some of the common subjects in an MBA in Digital Marketing syllabus. 

What is an MBA in Marketing Program?

What is an MBA in Marketing Program?

An MBA in Marketing Program teaches marketing as a complete unit with greater emphasis on traditional marketing along with digital marketing as one of the subjects. Similar to the previous specialization, on average, it is a 2-year course. 

Marketing Management, Brand Management, Marketing Research, Consumer Behaviour, Retailing, Managerial Economics, Salesforce Management, Forecasting & Modeling, E-commerce, and Operations Management are a few subjects. 

Scope of MBA in Digital Marketing vs MBA in Marketing

The scope of an MBA in Digital Marketing has just picked up and is growing at a very fast pace. This is because digital marketing is a fresher concept and due to the benefits it offers, all brands and companies have now started applying it. 

For this, they’re in need of digital marketing professionals and experts. To become one, an MBA in Digital Marketing is the perfect choice because it trains you practically in digital marketing skills as well managerial skills. 

Thus, they’re all directly related to each other. A rise in the benefits of digital marketing impacts the rise in the consumption of digital marketing channels. This creates a demand for skilled digital marketers. To satisfy this demand, there is an upward trend in digital marketing courses and programs. 

Thus, the scope of an MBA in Digital Marketing is very bright and has a lucrative future career-wise. 

Speaking of marketing, it is the very core of digital marketing, and hence, it is here to stay as well. But the growth may not be exceptional. It has stagnant and steady progress with good career opportunities. 

Even today, large companies give equal focus to traditional marketing due to its impact & reach. Moreover, they can invest in it. 

So to conclude, the scope of an MBA in Marketing is equally good because the marketing departments are the oldest and strongest foundations. 

Career Options after an MBA in Digital Marketing vs MBA in Marketing

Career Options after an MBA in Digital Marketing vs MBA in Marketing

Before we delve into the different job roles and opportunities that one can bag after both the specializations, here’s something you need to know. 

Digital marketing is a cost-effective way with a larger potential reach. This means that all kinds and sizes of businesses can make use of it which increases the number of jobs for digital marketing. Whereas the marketing departments can be afforded by comparatively larger companies. Thus, slightly fewer jobs are available. 

Rest assured, there are some amazing fields and career roles in both genres and you must decide one based on where your interest lies and what you think you’re good at. 

Job Roles After an MBA in Digital Marketing:

Digital Marketing Manager, Brand Manager, Business Development Manager, Client Servicing Manager, Social Media Manager, Content Marketer, Paid Media Expert, SEO Expert, Media Strategist, and more. 

Job Roles After an MBA in Marketing:

Market Analyst, Media Planner, Sales Manager, Marketing Manager, Customer Relationship Management, Brand Manager, Product Planner, TV Producer, Business Development Executive, and more.  

So, which option stands better for your future? 

After reading all the details, you may have already found the one for yourself. But if you haven’t, here are some points that can help you make a decision. 

For all creative-minded individuals who want to learn something new each day and, challenge themselves, these 3 digital marketing careers are a fantastic option. 

There are so many trends & technologies introduced, which you need to stay updated with and keep coming with solutions, best practices, etc. Moreover, despite being a new field, the number of jobs keeps increasing every day, So there’s a sense of job security. 

And if you have an inclination towards entrepreneurship, digital marketing will prepare you for it in ways more than you can imagine. 

Although, for all our readers who want to market using a mix of both the channels and if you think you’ve got the right analytical mind and creativity for channels like TV, Radio, print, etc. Then an MBA in Marketing will help you boost your career. 


Hope this information has helped you pick your ideal choice – MBA in Digital Marketing or MBA in Marketing. 

Let us know which one you choose and why!