Boost Your Business Leads at a Low Cost with These Tips


Your service business can generate leads in many ways. There are many ways to advertise your business, including print advertising, fairs or trade shows, telemarketing, or pay-per-click advertising (PPC). But have you ever considered which method adds more value? Could you get more leads for less money? You will learn how to do it by following these 9 modern tips:

Create Buyer Personas to Understand your Customers

By focusing your tactics on a small group, you reduce customer acquisition costs and improve marketing results. You must define a buyer persona that resembles your ideal buyer. However, in order to create or reach such a small and specific audience, you must hold them with your specific lead generation form to fulfill your requirement or for a lead.

Use Less Expensive Options

Channels of marketing differ in their effectiveness. The costs of travel and accommodations are incurred when advertising is shipped by courier or as part of a fair or exhibition. There are some channels that have lower costs when compared with a high return on investment, such as email marketing or social media.

Clean up your Images

To enhance conversions on your website, optimize every detail, even the smallest ones when you are generating leads. Why does your website take so long to load? Make images the right size by optimizing them. By having large images, your site will slow down and you may lose conversions and customers as a result.

Learn How to Market with Mobile Devices

Every year you hear: “This is the year of the smartphone.” The reality is, it happened already. Mobile usage continues to gain momentum. You need to develop tactics and strategies to generate leads from potential customers that are on their mobile devices rather than on their desktops.

Make Conversions more Likely

Give yourself the best chance of converting. Conversion rate increases can be achieved using the following three strategies:

  • Content should be expanded. In general, the more educational content you have on your website, the more leads you will generate.
  • Specific buyers should be targeted with your offers. Content should be written for each ideal buyer persona your business has.
  • Create content for each phase of the sales funnel. You should make low-risk offers when pursuing leads. You should make creative and direct offers when you are trying to win new customers.

Design a Responsive Website

Do you remember tip # 4 about cell phone marketing? Well, a responsive page is important enough for it to have its own tip. When your company page is responsive, it means that it adapts in an ideal and personalized way to all the devices (laptops, tablets, smartphones) used by customers who visit you.

A responsive design is not just about aesthetics, but about obtaining potential leads for your business. When users can browse your website from any device and have a personalized experience, then they are more likely to become potential customers of your business.

Work Together with the Sales Team

Most businesses have a separate Marketing and Sales department. Today, you need to adopt a different strategy in order to compete. Identify the problems and questions that your sales team is most frequently asked by potential and current customers. Next, create content that addresses the specific questions or problems encountered by customers in conjunction with the Sales Department.

Provide Encouragement to Lead Generation Form

Your time and resources are better spent incentivizing existing relationships with prospects than trying to capture new leads. We may be able to find new buyers more effectively if we handle fewer leads, but better quality ones.

It is very likely that you will be able to close the sale if you nurture the relationship with an active buyer using a lead nurturing strategy with lead generation form, and after they have shown interest through email marketing, your content or social networking.