A-List Of Lovely Spring Flowers To Grow In Your Garden

Easter floral arrangement with natural flowers and the inscription Happy Easter on the card.
Still life with fresh flowers in a vase, a Happy Easter card and a knitted element.

Spring is the season of hope, love, and new beginnings. It has been praised by everyone for its beauty over the centuries. People have waited for the arrival of spring because of the beauty that it brings along with it. Apart from the beauty, spring brings along with it a sense of positivity which indicates the revival of living things and nature. One thing that makes the spring so beautiful and so special is the growth of new plants and blossoms throughout the world.

The spring season is the time when flowers start blooming, thus adding more beauty to the surroundings by making them appear more bright and vibrant. If you are interested in growing flowers or love to maintain a beautiful garden, you can search for spring flower delivery in Noida online and get to know about the beauty of spring. Spring flowers are a harbinger of cheerfulness and optimism. Given below is a list of dazzling beauties that can be planted in your garden during the spring season to bring freshness to your life. 


The pretty white and pink flowers of Weigela bring perfect cheer to the spring season. Full exposure to the sun leads to the blooming of beautiful flowers whose petals resemble a trumpet in shape. It is mostly grown as an ornamental plant that is perfect for your front garden. Belonging to the family of honeysuckle, these beautiful flowers bloom in different shades across various species. 


Nothing can grab more attention for your garden than the bright yellow bulbs of daffodils would. You can plant them in autumn, and they shall start blooming with the onset of spring. Traditionally daffodil flowers may have six petals in different shades such as white and yellow. You must place them at a place which receives a lot of sunlight. The main attraction of the daffodils lies in their large flower heads that are easy to spot even from a distance. 


Tulips are popular for their bold colors and startling shapes. One interesting fact about tulips is that they look beautiful despite being asymmetrical. The petal grows in the shape of a bulb. You may expect a tulip to start blooming during April and continue to flourish till June. Tulips are classic spring flowers that have been offered to represent unconditional love. They multiply and grow rapidly. The beauty of tulips is admired and appreciated by all


A lily flower bouquet can fill your house with its enticing fragrance, and the garden full of lilies would make the entire neighborhood attracted towards it because of its highly fragrant blooms. Most of the varieties of Lily start blooming in the early spring season. You can buy any variety of Lily and plant it in your garden. These flowers bloom across hundreds of species in shades of pink, purple, white, yellow, etc. Lilies are often grown as hybrid flowers and are a popular pick for gardeners. 


The outrageously beautiful blooms of peony start spreading their fragrance with the onset of spring and flourish throughout the summers. Peonies grow as shrubs and thus are best for the sidewalks along with your garden. The advantage of growing peony in your garden is that the plant gives out vibrant and showy flowers that can easily grab anyone’s attention. 

Sweet pea

The sweet pea is a range of climbing plants that grow all year round. Traditionally, these flowers have been linked with the notions of departures and are offered to say thank you to a person. They bloom in bright shades of purple and magenta. You may plant them during late winters, and they will start blooming at the onset of the spring season. They require a lot of nutrients, water, and sunlight in order to flourish well. 

These were some of the flowers that can be grown in your garden. You may browse the internet and look for more flowers that bloom during the springtime. You can also get the lovely blooms delivered to you or your dear ones through an online flower delivery in gurgaon. These enticing blooms would definitely make you feel happy and fill your heart with joy and vigor. 

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