5 amenities that will drive renters to your property


You may be wondering, “What can I do to grow my business?”

There are many things you could do. But before considering any of them, it’s important to know what is stopping your customers from coming in the first place. That way you’ll know where to focus your efforts.

Accordingly, this article will explore five major factors that drive renters away and how real estate agents can use these insights to improve their marketing strategies and bring more business into the office.

Outdoor space for entertaining guests.

You can put a pool or gym in your condo so people will come to see it. Some people want to swim and be active, so you can give them what they want. These things make people want the place.

To seize this opportunity, real estate agents should promote what prospective customers are looking for in your promotional material. By prefacing your marketing strategies with common sense, you’ll be more likely to get leads coming in the door without any further advertising costs.

By following this advice, real estate agents will draw renters into their office and finally close on some successful leases. Don’t miss out implement these simple changes today!

A pet-friendly policy

If you allow people to rent with pets, more people will want to rent your apartment. This is because some renters who have pets want to know they can bring their pet too, and if they know you allow them, they will feel safe and will not hesitate before deciding to rent from you.

A fitness facility or gym

People like to work out when they can, not always when they want. This is why people will be more likely to rent your place if you have a workout facility or gym that people can use when they need it.

You may be wondering, “How much does a real estate agent like parc clematis cost?”

Real estate agents should monetize the pain points of their customers by offering incentives for referrals. For example, you can offer to knock $100 off rent for anyone who refers a friend or neighbor to your company.

Although real estate agents will take up some additional time and resources training new agents, they will see much more demand in the form of qualified leads if they implement these tactics.

A swimming pool

Having a swimming pool is another feature that many people want because it makes them feel like they are getting more for their money. You can even put an ad in your apartment rental ads that the apartment has a beautiful view of the city and other nice amenities, to get people interested.

The same principle applies here as with the gym. If you highlight what prospective renters want in your marketing materials, they will be more likely to consider renting with you.

A nicely decorated lobby and/or study room

People like to walk into a place that looks nice and feels cozy. This is why it’s important for real estate agents to continue decorating their lobby and study room. You don’t want to let the place look too rundown or it will make people not want to rent there.

A pet-friendly policy – People like to work out when they can – Having a swimming pool – Have an attractive, well-decorated lobby and study rooms – Improve your marketing skills and techniques and implement them in your real estate agent marketing strategies


Real estate agents can make a few simple changes to their marketing materials and learn to better understand the pain points of their customers. By doing this, they will see an increase in demand and make more sales faster.