6 Key Things to Check Before Signing a Home Buying Contract


Are you about to become a homeowner? Heartiest congratulations! Without a doubt, it is an achievement that is the greatest. But before finalizing the deal with the seller, make sure you inspect a few areas of the property, even if it is brand new.  

You may get surprised after hearing that there are many places where things aren’t satisfactory as it appears. For example, switches didn’t work well, windows won’t open and shut properly, and the list goes on. To learn in detail about major and minor things that a buyer must inspect before buying a home will be discussed below. So, kindly read the article till the end.

Make Sure All Appliances Work Well

It isn’t easy to fix or buy a new appliance. So, at the time of purchasing a property, make sure you test each appliance in multiple ways, even if it is looking brand new.

Because once you sign the contract with the seller, the seller will not take responsibility for anything. It simply means if the appliance is broken, you are responsible for getting it repaired. This pill isn’t easy to swallow as you already paid a hefty price to purchase a house in park view Islamabad.

That is why even professionals say that as a buyer, there is no need to trust sellers, even if you know them or the seller behaves too well with you.

Check the Outlets With the Help of Charger

Along with the appliances, it is crucial to ensure that all the outlets are working alright. Now you might be thinking, how to do it? The simplest way to do it is that you bring a phone charger. Plugin the charger in each outlet and test it. During a test, if you feel like the outlet has no power or the charger isn’t able to fit in, take notice of it. Call the seller immediately and notify them about it.

Take a Look at an Electrical Panel

The home inspector definitely does an electrical review, but the chance they miss something is always there. So, peaking an electrical panel on your own is better in so many ways.

Now, if you are wondering, what is the sign of a good electrical panel? One that is not only neat but well organized with each wire and connection is a sign that good work is done here.

However, if you find a mess or disconnected wires, it is a clear indication of a safety hazard. So, ask a seller to fix it. In case they refuse or try to convince you that this isn’t an issue, move on and look for other property ASAP.

Open and Shut All Doors and Windows

Windows and doors are essential to a home. Doors are the only way to enter or exit the home or desired room. Similarly, windows allow you to enjoy natural light and fresh air. But in case they both aren’t working well, you can face substantial safety issues, as anyone can access the home easily.

So, make sure during an inspection you check each door and window of the home properly. The inspection might take some time of yours but will keep you away from trouble and save you from spending money.

Test Sink, Shower, Toilet, and Bath

Changing taps of the sink, shower, and bath isn’t enough. You had to ensure that they work perfectly fine before moving into the property. For example, there shouldn’t be any leakage in the pipes; the toilet must flush properly, and so on. So, give everything a thorough look, note down the problems if there are any, and discuss them with the seller.

Pay Attention to Basement Walls

One of the areas of the home that has a lot of issues is the basement. Here, water that leaks in from your roof or pipes is the number one causes of mold in basement areas. The only time you will find the basement in good condition is if the visit is just after the rainstorm or repair. However, the smell in the basement can unfold many mysteries for the buyers.

Once the inspection is done and you mention everything to the seller, don’t forget to sign a contract. If you are wondering why? The answer is because there is a possibility that the later seller refuses to do the repairs, just because he/she knows there isn’t any proof that they meant to do it. The contract, as a buyer, gives you the security that there is nothing to worry about.