3 Ways To Help You Shop Bathroom Fixtures

Bathroom Fixtures

Redesigning the bathroom can be one of the most exciting yet challenging activities you can do in your household. The thrill of looking forward to the new look of your toilet can be exhilarating. But there are many decisions to make, like finding the best bathroom supplies from Bathroom Factory Warehouse to complete the room’s overall aesthetics. 

Aside from finding the right items for the bathroom, it is also crucial to know the difference between a bathroom fixture and a bathroom fitting. Here are several crucial facts that you must always keep in mind. 

The Distinction Between Bathroom Fixtures and Bathroom Fitting 

Plenty of people are confused between bathroom fixtures and bathroom fitting. Most of them believe that these two terms meant the same thing. However, fixtures and fittings refer to different items in the bathroom. 

The bathroom fixtures are those that will become permanent items in your bathroom. These objects are often wired, plumbed, or installed inside the room. It would be difficult to remove these items without professional work. Examples of these items include toilets and bathtubs. 

Meanwhile, the bathroom fittings are the items that add more aesthetics to the room. It can be replaced or removed easily. The mirrors, towel rings, and vanity handles belong to this group.

Common Bathroom Fixtures 

There are several types of bathroom fixtures that every bathroom must-have. It includes: 

Bathtub – Bathrooms with bathtubs look more elegant and posh. This fixture can act as the focal point of the room. While some people may think that bathtubs are unnecessary mainly if they have limited bathroom space, it has plenty of uses for every household member. If you have a small bathroom, you may consider looking for tubs made in a smaller size. 

Toilets – You cannot build a bathroom without a toilet. It is commonly one of the most utilised seats in the house. While installing toilets is a no-brainer for every home, you may be shocked to find out that it is one of the best-selling bathroom supplies from Bathroom Factory Warehouse. The usual toilet choice in the market is called the close-coupled toilet that stands alone on the floor. Meanwhile, a wall-hung toilet is the best choice to save space. 

Sinks – Another important item inside the bathroom is the sink. But when picking the right sink, you must always find the fixture that suits the shape, size, and material you have in mind. If you want a stylish but functional sink, you can purchase 24 in sink that will fit your bathroom perfectly. 

Taps/Faucet – No sink is complete if it does not have a faucet. It will be your main water source if you want to wash your hands or face while in the bathroom. There are plenty of shopping options that you can find when searching for the right sink. Today, you may choose brass taps for a sleek, modern look or the single-hole faucet for a traditional yet functional option.    

Common Bathroom Fittings

Aside from the bathroom fixtures, you must also invest in bathroom fittings to complete the room’s look. The most common fittings that you must buy include the following: 

Toilet seats – This fitting is often one of the most used and abused inside the bathroom. But nowadays, you can find toilet seats designed with thermoset or thermoplastic materials that can tolerate any weight. 

Wall Cabinets – All toilets must have their storage solution to keep cleaning products and toiletries organized. It also lets you keep all your bathroom staples hygienic. 

Other bathroom accessories – Mirrors, soap dishes, soap dispensers, toilet paper holders, and towel rails are some of the most typical accessories that you can find in a bathroom. You only need to find items that complement each other’s styles to create a signature look.  

Buying bathroom fixtures and fittings may become an overwhelming and expensive task. But if you know the basic items that you need to invest in, you will be able to find the right bathroom items that you can use in your bathroom all the time.

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