Why You Should Switch Your VPS To Romania For Faster Business Growth

The online business world is highly competitive, and new players join it every day. To get an edge over others, businesses need to adopt robust growth strategies. In the past few years, the spread of the internet and the ease of online shopping has increased the bend of customers towards eCommerce and Online Stores. However to achieve faster growth business owners need to offer the customers an amazing user experience. The Business Website must provide unbeatable performance, superfast speed, and advanced security to the visitors.

The performance of the website highly relies upon the type of web hosting you choose. A cheap web hosting plan like Shared Hosting provides limited features with restricted growth potential. Hence, you must choose an independent, reliable, and superfast web hosting, i.e, VPS Romania. Serverwala provides Best VPS Romania with top-class features and 99.9% Uptime for helping businesses achieve considerable growth.

In this article, we will let you know in detail the various features of VPS Romania and also about Serverwala, our top choice of VPS host for your business website.

Features of VPS Romania leading to Faster Business Growth

With Shared Hosting you have to split your server assets with other users, which impacts your speed and security. However, VPS Romania provides you an independent virtual server with excellent configurations to help you achieve the desired website performance. In VPS Hosting a physical server is separated into several virtual machines with each one operating individually. Below are the numerous benefits you will get with the Romania VPS.

Blazing Fast Speed

To achieve faster business growth and to retain customers for the long term you must provide the best user experience to your customers. A slow-loading website will never encourage the customer to repurchase. Moreover, if a website takes a high loading time the visitors leave within a few seconds. The graph of bounce rate shoots up leading to huge business loss.

A Shared Hosting Plan provides you limited access to server resources since tons of users are located over a single server. So, the loading speed gets slowed down as soon as the traffic rises.

While, on the other hand, VPS Hosting Romania provides you private resources and independent server space. No other user over the server may impact the loading or performance of your website.

Easily Handle High Traffic

One of the biggest issues with Shared Server is that the moment there is a spike in the website traffic the loading time slows down. Moreover, the speed of the website is also impacted when any neighboring website encounters a rise in traffic. Therefore, if your website welcomes good traffic or you expect a rise in monthly visitors in near future you must walk out of Shared Hosting and opt for VPS.

Romania VPS allows you to choose the server plan as per your business needs. The entire RAM, CPU, Storage Space and Bandwidth will be dedicated to your website. None of the neighbors can utilize your share of resources or influence your performance.

Top Grade Security

A business looking for term growth must ensure the data stored on its server is secured from unauthorized activities. With the growing occurrences of cyber attacks or data thefts in the past few years, businesses must adopt strict security measures.

In Shared Hosting, there is a high risk of security breaches since multiple users share a common IP address. Your website can also be a target of a cyber attack if any of the sites over the server are compromised.

Nevertheless, with VPS Romania you receive a Dedicated IP and top-tier server security. Your virtual server is protected with DDoS Attack Prevention, Intrusion Prevention, Server Monitoring, etc.

Root Control

With Root Control you can make changes to your server according to your business needs. You can install additional software or deploy server monitoring tools. In Shared Hosting you do not get the Root Control to your server due to multiple sharing of resources. But with VPS Hosting Romania you can easily modify the files or install the required tools since you have the Root Control.

High Scalability

In this article, we are discussing how VPS Romania helps businesses in faster growth. As the business grows one of its crucial requirements is more and upgraded server resources. With VPS Hosting you can easily upgrade to a premium plan whenever you want. The website performance and speed won’t be affected by the increased need for resources.

Premium Technical Support

For the smooth operation of your business, the quality of technical support the web host provides is very important. With Romania VPS most of the reliable or well-known web hosts provide 24/7 Support. Whenever you face any trouble with the performance of your server you can ping your VPS Host through Call, Email, or raising a ticket.

Our Top Choice of Romania VPS for Hosting your Business Website

For accomplishing all your business objectives you need to pick a reliable hosting company for your Romania VPS Plan. We did some research on our part and found a well-known, reliable, and cost-effective web host for you, i.e, Serverwala. They are one of the leading VPS Host in Romania and have served thousands of customers worldwide. They offer the customers top-quality services, support, uptime, and resources. Additionally, they have also won some of the most prestigious web hosting awards.

Here are the top features of Serverwala’s VPS Romania –

  • Root Control
  • SSD Disk Drives
  • 1 GBPS Network Speed
  • Instant Server Deployment
  • DDoS Protection
  • Easy Upgradation of Plans
  • 24/7 Customer Support
  • Simple Licensing
  • Self Service Portal
  • Linux & Windows Operating System

Final Words

VPS Romania is the best suitable alternative to upgrade from Shared Hosting. It comes at an affordable price and provides an independent server environment for achieving fast speed, high security, and greater flexibility. With Serverwala’s Romania VPS Plan you can enjoy excellent server configurations along with round-the-clock support at cost-effective prices.

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