Age Verification Helps E-Stores to Keep Their Products at Bay from Minors

Age Verification for minors

We can do online shopping that saves us our traveling expenses as well as precious time. We can entertain ourselves by playing online video games and exploring anything on the web at any time. No doubt, the internet helps us a lot in getting an online education, sharing informative content, promoting businesses, and much more. 

But there are also some drawbacks of using online services such as access of minors to inappropriate websites, online gambling, etc. Businesses should understand the importance of age verification before onboarding. The sudden increase in online customers during the COVID-19 lockdown compelled many businesses to provide their services online.

On the other hand, the internet and mobile phone availability also attract minors to entertain them through e-gaming, or watch videos, etc. Nowadays, children are more engaged towards online platforms as compared to physical activities. But sometimes minors access a website that contains explicit content that is not good for them. Although they access such websites without their consent and don’t know the consequences. 

Sometimes they also access e-commerce sites and purchase the age-restricted products with their guardian’s ID or by just checking the checkbox “I am 18 years old ”. The age checkbox is not enough to protect minors from age-restricted products that are not good for them. There is a dire need to have a proper system that verifies the actual age of the users and then gives access to the services. The online age verification solution is the best to combat this situation.

Age Verification Solution

The age verification solution confirms the age of the end-user by matching the details on the ID document such as date of birth. With the growing access of minors to age-restricted products, age checks are not enough to verify the age of the customers. AI-powered online age verification helps businesses to confirm the age of their customers within seconds.

It is an alarming situation for businesses to do preventive measures as well as parents to keep minors away from extensive use of mobile phones. 

Digital Age Verification – The Ultimate Protection for Minors

It is the prime responsibility of all online businesses to impose age restrictions to protect their age-restricted goods from minors. They have to know their customers well enough whether they are age verified or not to avoid the misuse of their products. Age verification solution provides GDPR standard data protection with multi-factor user authentication to provide robust security to businesses. 

The biometric verification of the customers helps an AI-based system to detect fake documents to verify age. Age verification also assists online businesses to know their customer’s customers for robust security. Although all e-commerce platforms need to impose robust age verification checks on their websites. But some businesses should need to comply with age verification standards. These include:

Pharmaceutical Industry

Online pharmacies need robust age authentication solutions to avoid the use of drugs from underage adults. They have to ensure that their customers are over the age of buying the specific drug to avoid misuse.

Alcohol and Tobacco

There are strict regulations for businesses to sell alcohol and cigarettes all over the world. In the US, the age limit for purchasing these products is 21 years and a minimum of 18 years in the UK. Online stores should comply with FDA regulations to avoid the illegal selling of alcohol and tobacco because they are one of the major means of death in the US and UK.

Similarly, online gaming, gambling, and dating sites should follow the age regulations to restrict their services from underage children.

Key Takeaways

Online age verification solution helps online businesses to restrict their products at bay from minors to avoid misuse and chargebacks from their parents. It not only assists them to comply with regulations but also helps to enhance the customer experience to engage more customers.