Why Customers like to buy Precious Books in Slipcase Boxes


The material used for the manufacturing of slip case boxes is completely environment-friendly. The rigidity of these boxes helps to increase safety and prolong the quality of an item placed in it. Special printing design and color scheme make it more attractive for all kinds of users. Customization of this packaging like a standard slipcase with a slant case or thumb cuts on the opening side is used to make it more appealing. Apart from different shapes, outstanding finishing materials like embossing, debossing, glossy, matte finishing, spot UV, lamination, and soft-touch not only increase fineness and strength but also make them more presentable for customers.

Nowadays, increasing innovation in the market enables producers to design such boxes that are strong Khelegaindia, long-lasting, and attractive for consumers in a single package. One of the best examples of such packaging. which are mostly used to secure precious books. They are interested in purchasing such boxes because their eye-catching visuals and durable nature are impressive for them to increase the lifetime of a book. Following are some reasons which can help understand why the demand for this packaging is increasing in the market.

Premium quality stock

Usually, the first and most significant thing the buyer notices while deciding on purchasing any product is the quality of the product itself. So, in recent times with increasing competition, only those things are most commonly used which are properly designed according to the situation and need of a person. Slipcase packages are made up of rigid cardboard, which is a sturdy material and environment friendly. This rigid nature helps in protecting items placed inside it. Nowadays, thanks to innovation, that helps producers to make such packaging that helps people to store their favorite books or other precious and antique products in these quality stocks for a long period of time. The quality of these slipcase boxes, ensures that customers give value to it.

Maximum strength and retention

Apart from the quality of material, a spine-like structure plays an important role in increasing the protection of these packages, same as the backbone plays a role in a human body. In order to increase strength, a bit more thickness of material in the spine-like part can be increased, but the top and bottom cover thickness remain the same. This unique property also increases the retention time of a product that is why mostly book readers prefer to keep their books in these packages. Pages from an old book lost original color and quality over time just because of direct contact with the changing environment. But in these special packages, books are not directly in contact with air, which prolongs the quality of a book to keep it as original as possible and make it comfortable for readers.

Customized shape Boxes

The option of customization of slipcase packages enables a buyer to select according to their choice. Many types of these packages are most commonly used, but a person can also opt to customize them according to the accurate size and shape of their books. This special feature attracts mostly customers so that they can secure their old and precious books for a period of time. Special thumb cuts on opening edges of the spine or top of a cover is another customized shape that is mostly used and liked nowadays. A standard two-piece slipcase and two-piece try are also designed according to the demand of a buyer.

Eye-catching colors scheme

As we know that a colorful picture attracts attention instead of a colorless one, to take this packaging a step forward, special printing is also used according to the inclinations and requirements of a buyer with a most exciting and attraction-grabbing color scheme. Printing on them using a color pattern from CMYK and PMS gives them an alluring and eye-catching display. Like a cover page of a book with golden color printed on the outside of a package is fascinating because shining bright color attracts a reader from a distance. Such a color scheme that is relevant to images inside a book also increases the value of slipcase packaging in the market.

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Give a more professional look

As the first impression is the last, which is why a customer can easily be attracted to a product that is professionally presented. Slipcase packaging provides a very astonishing and professional look because it is just like a closed book. On the other hand, printing a cover page on the outside makes them more attractive. Securing and presentation of books were very difficult in the past, but nowadays, with the advancement in the packaging industry, it is not a big deal. If a book is old and does not have good visuals, then a specially designed package makes it attractive when placed inside it.

Those days have gone when buyers have only a single option for securing their precious items, and a simple cardboard package would do the trick for a brand to enhance revenue as well as reputation. But now we are living in a modern world of innovation that is immensely competitive, that is why to survive in this tough environment, eco-friendly boxes have broadened the way of selection for different packaging sectors and also for the consumers.