Why are Escape Rooms your favorite Team Building Event?

Corporate Team building activities and events and activities are amazing for getting people together and improving the overall business. Though most of these team-building activities have goofy names, they are of great advantage. These team-building activities have a great impact and are easy to incorporate into the business.

Team building activities for corporates is something which you can learn, and a skill that you can acquire. When managing a team of people, whether they are from the same branch of the company or different branches, there are various ways in which you can help them to improve the relationships that they have a built-in the office. Since most of their time is spent in the office, these team-building activities help to bond and improve their relationship with their coworkers.

Most of the multi-billion dollar corporations in the world encourage these types of team events because that is the secret of their success. Corporate culture sets a foundation for many things that happens in a business realm, may it be improved productivity, sales growth, retaining the employees, or bonding with colleagues. These have become the key ingredients for the growth of some leading brands.

Corporate team bonding activities look like a fun way to pass time, but they are way more than that. These team-building activities that are conducted by the company help the employees to bond with members of various departments; team-building activities are one of the many ways that will help you get your people out of their personal shells.

There are various types of indoor and outdoor team building activities that are conducted by the companies so that employees there can work together in harmony. Some of the popular team building activities that is conducted for employees’ are-

Scavenger hunt, this is a type of game where the entire group is divided into small groups, and they go around the city doing some challenges, after playing some of these activities the team members are refreshed. After the activities are over they can show all their silly pictures that they clicked throughout the day.

The next team building event that is popular is a game called ‘What’s my name’, it is a game that can be played inside the office itself. Here each person is given a name a personality that he or she is not aware of, but it is known to other employees. The other employees treat them according to the character or personality the other person has got. It is simply an empathy builder with no complicated rules.

The next common event conducted as a team building activity is karaoke nights. This is one of the popular activities conducted by the company. On a karaoke night, all the employees meet at a place, where they are divided into groups. Then they sing to their heart’s content. At the end of the event the best team is awarded with bonus points. This is one such event to bring employees out of their shell and enjoy the event to their full extent.

Though there are many such games that are conducted for team building, the most popular team building activity that is chosen by most of the companies are Escape Room activities. Escape Room activities are the best way of bonding among the employees. Escape Room games are the most popular among the various games that are played by the various companies. Escape rooms come in various formats, too! You can even choose a virtual escape room activity for your team if they are working remotely.

So why are these escape room games played? What is the reason companies choose Escape Room as a team building activity again and again? Let’s see.

1. Get everyone on the same page

Escape Room is a game where all the members who are playing the game have one common goal and that is to finish the game within the given time i.e. 60 minutes. So to finish the game in the given time, all the players discuss among each other and come to one common decision. This game brings everybody together and they work together in harmony to achieve the same goal.

2. Will throw light on potential team leaders.

Escape Room is a game which is played in teams, and through this game, you will be able to find the potential or capable team leader. In the process capable of handling the team and making them work together, whether it is in the game or in the office.

3. Bring out their hidden talents

Each person has some or the other talent, of which they are sometimes aware of and sometimes not. Team building activities like the Escape Room games help the manager find out the true potential of the employees.

There are some people in the office who are quiet most of the time, they hardly mingle with their coworkers, and always keep to themselves. Escape Room games help and bring out the hidden talent of such people. Through the course of the game the manager is able to find out the true potential of each and every employee.

4. Encourages in sharing knowledge.

There is a very popular proverb that we would have come across in our school days: “Sharing is Caring”. Sharing doesn’t only apply for materialistic things, but it can also be your thoughts and ideas. Escape Room is one such game that encourages you to put forth your ideas.

While you are playing the game, you might get stuck at some point, and instead of simply regretting it, you can put forth all the ideas that come to you. Who knows, one of them might just be right.

5. Get to know each other at a personal level

There are many people in the company with whom we may not have a relationship. But the team building activities will help us know and understand them.

Escape Room games help us to understand people at a personal level. There are times when misunderstandings are solved during the game. So this is one of the ways employees in an organization can become close, and maintain healthy relationships.

These are some of the reasons why Escape Rooms is one such team building events that people actually want to attend.

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