When you need to drink Haitian Cremas in 2021

Haitian Cremasis a close equivalent of an eggnog. At certain events, including weddings, celebrations, and gatherings, Haitians enjoy Cremas abundantly, as per https://www.saveurslakay.com/cremasse/haitian-kremas/. It’s much more than a milkshake, though, because it contains cinnamon (optional), rum, various types of milk, and more. Of course, it’s still a deliciously creamy and sugary drink that pairs well with cakes and sweets. In fact, some people rather eats it with delicious cakes; they may even pour the Cremas onto the cake. 

Cremasia also associated with events like communions, marriages, and festivals. It’s an awesome cocktail drink for special occasions. Some hosts even put pictures of cremas on their flyers and event invitations to entice attendees. It works like a charm. 

Whenever approached to define cremas, Nadege Fleurimond, chef and author of Haiti Uncovered, hesitated. “This is like eggnog, but a billion times tastier and without eggs,” she exclaimed, smiling broadly. Consider coquito, but creamier, more delicious, bolder, and more reliable.”

In Haiti, or particularly at every home, Christmas isn’t complete without a jar of cremas, although if we don’t consume it all. My family will always be brought a bottle home around this time of year when I was a kid. It was almost usually from a coworker or friend, and it was always handmade. 

As a result

we never made our container until a few years ago, when we noticed that lesser and fewer individuals were making it using coconut. Sadly, for several people, this holiday pleasure has devolved into a creamy flavoured drink. Different crema tastes are currently accessible on the marketplace, where certain people are unaware that it should feel like coconut.

Cremas, usually spelt kremas, is Haiti’s popular beverage. It’s made using a combination of condensed and evaporated dairy, including coconut cream, nutmeg, cinnamon, vanilla, and lime. Almonds flavour or raisins are two other options. The spirit that renders cremas so festive is tipsy; typically clairin, a pure liquor Fleurimond compares to moonshine.

Christmas in the Caribbean is a joyous occasion. Every one of the islands has a rich history of customs, which involves the cuisine we prepare at certain times of the year. Cremas is a typical Haitian drink that is consumed during the holidays. It’s a creamy, smooth drink with a sweet taste. Condensed milk, coconut cream, simple syrup, and spices are used to make it.

Nothing beats a delicious drink with friends and company. Many of the islands have their special drink that is savoured during the holidays. It could possess a unique name and be made in a variety of ways. And many of the beverages are similar on all of the islands. 

Haitian cremas, also known as kremas or cremasse, is a traditional Haitian Christmas drink. And it’s a heavy hitter in the category of delectable creamy liquor beverages.

What arecremas?

Cremas is a creamy drink, as I described earlier. It’s particularly rich and delicious. It’s similar to a creamy smoothie. 

This delicious cocktail is made with coconut cream, evaporated milk, condensed milk, and rum. It’s additionally spiced up with extract, nutmeg, and cinnamon flavourings. 

Based on the type of rum utilized, the colour can change. So don’t be surprised if you encounter several that are off-white or even yellowish in tone. Rhum Barbancourt is the customary rum for this, but any black rum would suffice. Many individuals, I’ve heard, substitute white rum.

Cremas is comparable to ponche de creme from Trinidad and Tobago and is commonly offered at Christmas and other big cultural gatherings. However, I believe it has a lighter texture than ponche de crème. 

It’s commonly said that you must only eat it in little quantities because it’s such a sugary liquor. Add a few pieces of ice to the mix.

What should I serve with this drink? 

Even so, it’s simple to get several cremas on their own. On ice or at room temperature are also acceptable options. It’s additionally frequently served with a dessert or delicious pastry of a certain form. Pain Patate or plantain bread, for example, with a cup of wine, you could also have a coconut bread pudding or pone. 

Cremas served over ice are a hit with everybody. They don’t even have to serve it with a dessert. It’s the ideal end-of-the-night drink. Delicious!


Cremas is certainly a drink that’s worth getting your glass dirty for. Cremas is a delicious and creamy coconut drink with sweet flavours that your parents used to let you enjoy as a youngster. It was maybe a quarter of a shot glass, but it was still a glass you could hold in your hands. Now that you’re old enough to have as much Cremas as you hearts desired, go crazy, but still drink responsibly. Although one cannot easily get drunk on Cremas, but it could happen since it has some rum.Food Searches has more Haitian Kremas details. 

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