What is the purpose of Whistleblowing


What is Whistleblower Meaning?

A whistleblower is someone who has firsthand knowledge of illegal acts in a company and reports them. Employees, suppliers, contractors, clients, or anybody else who becomes aware of illicit company practices might be whistleblowers.

Whistleblower policy and laws were designed to make sure that businesses and government agencies operated according to the law. Everyone was protected by the truth, not by laws that some wanted to change or ignore. Now, the purpose of the law has been used for one reason only: to protect those who would reveal information. So why would anyone want to blow the whistle on supposed crimes or wrongdoing in a business or government agency?

Purpose of whistleblower

The purpose of what is the purpose of whistleblower laws is to protect the innocent from being harmed by those who wish to serve their will. How is this served? By preventing businesses and governments from carrying out their wrongful acts, which would infringe upon the rights of others. For instance, businesses that provide air conditioners to companies that work in factories that have dangerous emissions need to be held accountable for their actions, right? By making sure that they follow the rules, such businesses are putting themselves in the position of protecting the rights of others. Whistleblowing is also a type of HR Policy like travel policy, promotion policy, and etc policies.

It would seem like a no-brainer. Yet, many businesses and even governments do not see things this way. They believe that if they simply follow the laws as written by Congress and the executive branch, then they cannot be legally investigated for breaking the law. Unfortunately, the courts often see things a little differently. When a politician wishes to appoint just one person to make a decision about breaking the law, rather than hundreds of people, then the courts often won’t take his side.

In short, what is the purpose of whistleblower laws is to make sure that those who speak out against wrongdoing by other employees are properly represented. If we are to have a legal system with checks and balances so that all branches of our government operate according to the rule of law, then those who see something wrong need to come forward and report it. Otherwise, the legal system will be corrupted and justice will not be served.

Now consider if you will the recent situations with Enron and WorldCom. These companies had overbooked and their customers were extremely overbooked and could not get any service. This was due to long delays on orders and long periods of time without getting an order in. Because of this, there were plenty of complaints about long delays and poor service, which made it obvious something was wrong. Someone finally decided to act and set up an investigation to find out what happened. And Enron and WorldCom were found to be operating illegally when they were trying to avoid federal financial regulations.

The purpose is to make sure that if a company does something illegal, that it can be identified and stopped in its tracks. Once this is done, it makes it much easier for people to protect themselves from abusive employers. They can report these activities to the proper authorities and make sure justice is served. In doing so, they will feel better about working for any company and making sure their work is done properly.