What is Quickbooks Error Code PS033 ?


QuickBooks Payroll Error PS033 is a problem that occurs when you download the most recent payroll update. You also face this error while opening the file for your company. It indicates that there is damage to the CPS folder file, which causes your file to become inaccessible. Additionally, you are unable to download the latest payroll update. It is therefore essential to correct this problem since you could lose crucial information and files because of this. So, we will offer you the most effective solutions to eliminate the error permanently.

Causes of QuickBooks Error CodePS033

Following are possible reasons why you encounter the QuickBooks Error PS033 in your system.

  • If the Payroll subscription isn’t active. 
  • When the QuickBooks Desktop file is damaged.   
  • If you’ve not upgraded QuickBooks to the latest version.
  • If the Service Key used is wrong.
  • When the company’s filing Employer Identification Number is not valid or incorrect.
  • If the company’s file PSID is incorrect or invalid.
  • If QuickBooks Desktop is not compatible with the latest Windows version.
  • When the status of QuickBooks appears as “Invalid number or EIN”.

Important: It is crucial to make sure that you have an active and existing payroll subscription. If your payroll subscription is deactivated, then also you can encounter the PS033 error code.

Solutions to Rectify QuickBooks Error Code PS033

After exploring the causes for QuickBooks error ps033 existence, you’ll now find the most efficient solutions below to resolve it.

Solution 1: Install the Newest Payroll Tax Table

In this technique, you’ll need to modify the tax table for payroll The steps are:

  • Open QuickBooks Desktop. 
  • Choose “Employees”.
  • Now tap “Get Payroll Updates”.
  • There, tap on “Download All Payroll Update” to the most recent update. 
  • Then click “Update”. 
  • A Window will be displayed when it is upgraded successfully. 

Solution 2: Updating the Title of “QuickBooks CPS Folder”

In case your CPS folder contains some or all corrupted files, you can rename it in a way that QuickBooks could create a new clean folder that does not contain any damaged files.

  • Firstly, close “QuickBooks”.
  • Thereafter follow the path to “C: Program FilesIntuit QB 20XXComponents Payroll CPS”. 
  • Moving on, right-tap on “CPS FOlder”.
  • Then select “Rename”.
  • Type “CPSGHJ” after cleaning the name then hit Enter to save modifications. 
  • Launch QuickBooks again, and then try to quickbooks download payroll updates. 

Solution 3: Disable UAC

Sometimes, UAC settings cause communication problems between your system and software leading to this error popping up repeatedly. So, it is crucial to disable UAC. The steps are:

  • Firstly, push “Windows+R”.
  • On “Run”, write “Control Panel”. Hit Enter. 
  • Under “Control Panel”, users have to select “User Accounts” then choose “User Accounts” once again. 
  • Moving on, tap “Change UAC Settings”. 
  • This time, drag the slider to the option named “Never Notify”. Now tap “OK” for disabling UAC.
  • In the end, just update the QB payroll.

Solution 4: Update QuickBooks Application

An outdated QuickBooks version may also result in problems such as QuickBooks Error PS033 and QB Error PS077. Follow the steps below to download the latest updates to your QB application.

  • Firstly, close all company files as well as Quickbooks.
  • Visit the Desktop and then right-tap on the icon of QB. 
  • Moving on, select the tab “Run as Administrator”.
  • Now tap on “Help”. 
  • Then, choose “Update the QuickBooks “. 
  • Thereafter choose “Options” and click “Mark All”.
  • The next option is clicking “Save”. 
  • Hover to “Update Now” and tap on “Reset Updates”.
  • Choose “Get Updates” and once the update is downloaded completely close QuickBooks and then reopen the software again. 
  • Select “Yes” at the installation prompt to install updates. 
  • Once all updates are successfully installed, just reboot the system. 

Solution 5: Rebuilding Data & Verify Data

  • Foremost, open Quickbooks.
  • Tap on “File”. 
  • Thereafter, select “Utility”. Then choose “Rebuild Data”.
  • A warning message for the backup will be displayed. Tap on “OK” to backup. 
  • Now, save the backup file of your company on your computer. 
  • Hit “Enter”, followed by the OK option to save the file. 
  • Then, wait a bit and after that, click Ok. 
  • Your Rebuild is now complete. 
  • Then, verify your data to confirm any remaining data that is damaged. 
  • Tap on “File”.
  • Thereafter tap “Utility”.
  • Tap on “Verify Data”. 
  • If you don’t detect any errors here, you can restore your backup.
  • Thereafter, select “File” then select “Restore”. (Warning Do not overwrite the current QB company files). 
  • Now the solution will resolve QuickBooks Error PS033 within minutes.  

Solution 6: Reboot Via Safe Mode

If a different software is disrupting the payroll update process, follow the instructions below to download the payroll updates using safe mode.

  • Firstly, exit QuickBooks.
  • Now turn off your system.
  • Then “Restart” while holding “Shift”.
  • Once the computer has restarted then proceed back to the select an Option screen followed by tapping on “Troubleshoot”. 
  • Moving on, click “Advanced”.
  • Now choose”Startup Settings”. 
  • Hit “Restart” and once the computer restarts, just click the fifth option in the display menu. 
  • After the computer has opened via Safe Mode, download a QB payroll update.
  • Once the download is finished, turn your system back to its normal mode and reattempt the Quickbooks download update.

Final Words

This is the conclusion of our post on what exactly is QuickBooks Error PS033 and how you can quickly resolve it. We hope that we were capable of helping you by providing all the information necessary for troubleshooting. These solutions are highly recommended by Quickbooks professionals and are proven to repair the error forever.

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