How Popular Crypto Exchanges Handle Your Private Data

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Have you ever thought about reading the privacy policies of popular crypto exchanges when signing up? Well, you should because it can save you from a lot of trouble.

Most popular crypto exchanges collect an exceptional amount of your data. These days crypto exchange companies are obliged to perform KYC (Know Your Customer) checks on their users. Since these are online platforms, they sometimes ask for users’ biometric verification, photos of their IDs, etc.

Among the crypto exchange list, the top ones offer fiat payment, where users can pay through bank accounts. Thus, collecting their banking details, tax IDs, and much more. Let’s see what the top 10 crypto exchanges’ privacy policies are!

Popular Crypto Exchanges and Their Privacy Policies

A crypto exchange list can be made; however, her discussions are top 10 crypto exchanges only. What are their policies regarding financial data collection, third-party access, and gathering more data via third parties. Read on and make an informed decision accordingly.


Binance is one of the most popular crypto exchanges that keep track of your financial transaction history. They share the data with subsidiaries or affiliates, and third-party service providers. They may also gather their users’ credit history from credit bureaus.


It is another popular crypto exchange that collects financials such as payment details and wallet addresses. The data is shared with third-party affiliates desiring to know information on historical trades and exchanges. They receive data from third parties as well to monitor the theft of any information.

This is one of the safest crypto exchanges that gathers bank account and credit cards details along with account balance and transaction history. The data is then shared with cloud service providers, fraud and spam abuse detection services. Blockchain can also gather users’ data from banks, advertisers, and analytical providers.


A popular crypto exchange that gathers user’s annual income, liquid assets, valuation of currency at deposit, and transaction history. Give access to affiliates, vendors, banks, and financial institutions. You can also check a great tool such as a bitcoin calculator. Gather more detailsL from identity verification and credit referencing agencies.


One of the earliest crypto exchanges in the crypto world, Coinbase gathers trading data, payment card primary account number, and bank information. Share data with leading financial institutions and service providers. Receive data from companies affiliated with Coinbase for ID verification, advertising networks, and analytical services.

Moreover, the exchange has a strong framework that processes user transactions by authenticating their credentials in a matter of minutes.


Financials such as bank info, trading activity, deposits, and withdrawals are administered on Gemini crypto exchange. The user data is compared with affiliates, service providers, and financial advisers. May get more information through passports, postal addresses, social securities, and credit fraud information.


From bank information to account balance, deposits, and withdrawals, Kraken tracks it all. This is one of the best crypto exchanges where affiliates, their business partners, and subsidiaries can access the data. To track how the user found the website, they gather more data via their partners, fraud investigators, and advertising networks.


Compared to other exchanges in this list, LocalBitcoins is a new trading platform and collects all information related to income, assets, liabilities, and trading account balance. Law firms, professional advisers, and audits can access the data. LocalBitcoins have not specified further information if they gather more information from any third party.


FTX is one of the most modernized crypto exchanges in the market with advanced trading options. It saves trading and tax data through bank accounts, routing numbers, and transaction history. Share the data with NFT and advertising partners, and affiliates. May use Google analytics to understand users spending behavior and forecast the amount that may be used.


The last in the top 10 crypto exchanges list is Paxful, it gathers users’ social security numbers, bank info, payment, and transaction history. The exchange takes the accountability of data and shares it with third parties, data processors, and data sellers. So, if you are thinking of opting for a credible exchange that can keep your funds and transactions safe then Paxful can be the exchange for you.


It is crucial to understand how popular crypto exchanges handle your private data. Go through their policies before signing up so that you don’t have to face any kind of cyber threats and system failures. Conducting in-depth research on this aspect of top 10 crypto exchanges can save you from the potential risk of data breach and theft. These most popular crypto exchanges, however, never leave your data vulnerable. But still safe before feeling remorse.