What Is a Tablet Battery? An Essential Guide

Nowadays, tablets have dominated the mobile industry because of their innovative style. It’s known as smaller, lighter, and more usable than laptops and smartphones. If you’re opting for a tablet for gaming or a tool that helps you complete your everyday tasks on the go, you must select the best brand with great battery performance.

We all know that tablets will not operate without their battery. So, what is a tablet battery?

If you are tech-savvy yet want to have an easier and handy device, tablets are a good choice. Here’s what you need to know about tablet batteries.

What’s the best battery type for tablets?

A tablet can match the efficiency of a laptop due to its excellent display resolution. Yet, the performance of its battery is your priority when selecting one.

Most mobile devices, including tablets, have a built-in battery. Besides, lithium-ion is the most common rechargeable battery. It has a great power density and low self-discharge.

But, there are also nickel-based and lead-acid battery types for devices. With all of the other unparalleled features, these batteries work greater than any other batteries. Other devices like Samsung, Ipad and Asus use different types of batteries.

The average battery life

The battery lifespan of your tablet or other device is determined by how much you use it. Numerous tablets already have a battery power of 8-10 hours, so you have plenty of energy on using them.

Cheaper tablets normally take longer to charge than more costly tablets. If you’re looking for a device that will meet your needs, take a look at the quality over quantity. But the older the device is, the slower the capacity of the battery has.

Factors that affect power degrading

Batteries do not last for a lifetime. Your battery degrades when you charge and discharge it. As a result, you get less life from a complete charge over time. The battery — or the device — must be replaced at some stage.

1.   Temperature

First, consider the temperature of your surroundings while you’re using a tablet. When you use your tablet or other devices on a hot day, the battery will drain much quicker than you expected. Even on a cold day, the same thing happens because the battery is susceptible to freezing.

2.   Active applications

You can also consider all the applications that you use. Active applications, such as Facebook or your email server, are those that you use daily. Since they need other apps to run simultaneously, many apps use more power than you would think.

3.   Battery size

You should also consider the battery’s size. That is measured in milliamps by manufacturers. A battery with a higher mAh capacity could extend its life more than the lower one.

Yet, an older battery will not last as long as one that is a newer size. It’s possible that charging the battery takes longer, which doesn’t last another long.

How to prolong the lifespan of batteries?

It’s also essential to get a long battery capacity on your tablet than on your smartphone or laptops. It is if you’re trying to work for longer periods. There are ways to get the most out of your battery for a long-lasting life of mobility.

Four basic tips to ensure you extend your battery span easily:

1.   Maintain the level of temperature

Avoid exposing your system to high temperatures. Remember to work with your tablet in a way that allows heat to escape quickly. And also, there are battery monitoring apps that can keep track of the temperature of your battery so you can take action if it gets too hot.

2.   Consider your charging process

Maintaining the amount between 40 and 80 percent is generally beneficial. You may have learned that you should let your tablet charge completely before plugging it in.

Also, partial discharge periods are usually preferable to full discharge cycles. Once you’re not using your device while charging, it can extend its life and easily make the percent high.

3.   Avoid using different chargers

Another way to maintain your battery life is by selecting the appropriate charger.  Also, it’s not right to buy cheap charger products to charge your device, as it brings risk.

The ultra-fast chargers will charge several devices faster. But this isn’t ideal for your device’s health in the long run.

4.   Disable updates and notifications

Software automatic updates can drain the device batteries, same with enabling notifications. So much better to turn it off or disable the sound. The tablet battery life is also affected by your operating system and background activities.

Final Views

We may expect batteries to use extended periods in the future as power consumption grows with technology improvements. For the time being, taking the suggestions mentioned above will help you get the most out of your battery. And also allow your device to be more productive.

If your tablet’s battery is continuously running low, it’s time to consider updating your tablet. And if it’s not working well, you may need to consider an alternative.

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