Usual Problems with Online File Converters And Solutions

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As an individual who uses file converters on a daily basis, I think I can throw out some usual problems that I have had to face throughout my experience with online file converters. Generally, most of my file conversations are for graphical and textual files because I am a full-time content writer and part-time photographer. My entire life, I have been using online software’s for the ease of my work and file converters have played a big part in my work life.

I’m not saying all of them were as good as they were promised to be, they always had some faults or set-backs that did not allow me to settle for one in the long-run. Besides, all the pros and cons of these software’s I somehow managed to get by but I was just getting by, nothing more!

One of the biggest setbacks that I had to face with other file converters was that all of them had limits for a certain amount of conversions that could be made in a day, this really tired me and wasted a lot of time. I get paid hourly for my work and this procedure took most of that time and really put me into some awkward situations with my clients.

Another con these online converters have is that they don’t support all kinds of formats altogether. This used to create a barrage of tabs on my browser that were for different file converters which individually supported different formats. Altogether, I was not able to settle for one software that had everything I needed, furthermore, these online file converters had the audacity to promote paid subscriptions after you have used the free version a couple of times and one thing that really pisses me off is that often when you purchase subscriptions for an online service they do not turn out to be as good as they were promised to be.

The One File Converter That Does It All

The best online file converter for me so far has been the File converter. Digital because it literally covers all the aspects of file converter you can think of! I stumbled upon this online software through a recommendation of an online friend of who also happens to be a photographer. I can’t thank him enough for his advice that has helped me for months now and it keeps getting better.

Without paying a single penny I can do as many conversions as I want without a limit, this is one of the coolest features it has. Most file converters have limits from 10-15 conversions allowed in a day but with this file converter you have the freedom to do as many as you want or need. The second most phenomenal thing about it is that it supports 90 different file formats altogether which makes converting a variety of files very convenient for a normal user.

The interface of the software has to be one of the smoothest and user-friendly interfaces I’ve ever experienced in an online file converter. It’s time saving and autonomously easier to understand than other software I’ve used in the past. On top of all that, it doesn’t even have restrictions regarding the size of the file that’s being converted, the file-size can be as large or small as you need it to be. This makes me prone to use another file converter besides because it covers all my needs, saves me a heck of a lot of time, is more efficient and smoother and the list goes on. In short, I just want to say that I’ve finally found the one file converter that “Does It All ”.

It’s Completely Secure!

All we know about this software before using them is what they allow us to know so they keep running their business but how do we know for sure if an online service is truly secure. Now, from my research, I’ve found that most of these online software’s including file converters are based on Server-end technologies which is understandable because it’s a fairly cheap method of sustaining conversions and data storage, but on the downside, this allows them to keep logs of all the conversions or information that goes through them, hence, your data integrity and security is compromised. The data could be sold or used to hack your personal devices, credit cards, etc. 

Surprisingly has a completely different approach towards maintaining a smooth interface and efficient bug free conversions throughout, they use more of a browser-end technology to sustain their network and this keeps them from keeping or having your data being compromised in any sense.

The Best There Is In The Market

In the end, I just want to say that if anyone reading this is going through what I went through years ago before stumbling upon File converter. digital. I recommend using it for once and believe me you’re going to be hooked on it because it is that good of service. Even if in the future the developers of the company decide to launch a paid version of the online service, I’d still buy it regardless because it might be the only file converter out that provides its customers with what it promises. I haven’t been able to find a single bug with any of my files converted into different formats up to this date and I don’t think I’ll ever find one. I salute the minds behind this extraordinary masterpiece that are making people’s lives a tiny bit easier, For Free!