Best Ideas To Bring Your Missing Dog Home Fast

Almost every dog parent’s biggest nightmare is a missing dog situation. With so many causes for dogs to run away, it’s no surprise that one-third of all dogs go missing at some point throughout their lives. 

It’s understandable if you’re worried, apprehensive, or panicked. What is our recommendation? Take a few deep breaths and attempt to maintain your composure. One of your most powerful weapons in the quest for your dog is an optimistic outlook.

How to Find a lost Dog

Lost dog

Nearby Area Search

If your dog hasn’t returned to you yet, now is the moment to act to reunite you with them. You’ll have a better chance of finding your dog if you search the immediate area and a greater radius around where they went missing. 

Here are a few pointers to assist you with your search.

  • Shout Out Your Dog Name

You don’t want to frighten your dog any more by making them think you’re upset, so call his name clearly and loudly.

  • Request Assistance
    Involve relatives, friends, neighbors, or anyone in the area in the search. If a stranger comes across your dog, urge them to call and notify you before approaching it. Unknown people approaching a lost dog can frighten them even more.
  • Bring Images of Your Dog 

Show your dog’s photo to your neighbors and other passers-by, and leave a copy of the photo with your phone number on the back.

  • Keep your door open

If your dog was lost at home, or while staying at a friend’s house or holiday home, be sure to leave the house door and gate open, so that they can return home on their own.

  • Bring your dog’s favourite toy or treat

Because dogs can track scents for miles, leave their favourite blanket, bed, or chew-toy outside your front door. Bring toys and treats with you on your search as well.

  • Retrace your steps

Return to the areas where you recently or frequently walked the dog; you may discover that they have returned to these familiar areas in their search for you.

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Report Your Dog is Missing 

Call your local animal shelters, pet rescue centers, dog wardens, animal control, and any other similar organizations in your area to report your dog missing and to see if your dog has already been turned in to one of these facilities.

Animal rescue

To report your dog missing in the national database, use Petco Lost Love in the United States or the National Pet Register in the United Kingdom. You can also search through found dog postings to see if anyone has seen your pet.

Use Social Media Platforms

Declare that your dog is missing on social media, and include the following information in your post:

  • several photos of your dog, as well as the date and location where your dog was last seen
  • information about your dog’s temperament, such as whether they are friendly or fearful?
  • your contact information, including your phone number
  • Make sure to share the post in any local Facebook groups for lost/missing dogs/pets.

Create and Distribute Lost Dog Flyers

Create a lost dog flyer & print it out for distribution around your neighborhood and the area where your dog was found. If possible, use large, bright, neon paper to make the flyer more visible. The following are examples of good lost pet signs:

  • Description of the dog, including any special or recognizable features
  • A photo of the dog
  • Collar tag details
  • Last known location
  • Microchip ID number
  • Your contact details
  • Reward details
lost dog flyer

Note: Choose a good and clear photo of your dog to create posters and flyers. Also, use this poster to stick around your streets and ear by walls.

Never give up!

If your dog goes missing for an extended period of time, it is easy to become discouraged. However, many concerned dog owners have been in your shoes and have been successfully reunited with their beloved dogs. Do not give up hope that you will find your dog someday, whether it takes hours, days, weeks, or months.

Watch the video below to hear some heartwarming stories about lost dogs who were reunited with their owners.

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