Types of Zorb Ball you should buy from Kameymall


Have you ever seen anybody walking on water? You might be wondering if it’s a joke. But, it is possible. You can also walk on water with the help of a water Zorb ball. It is a huge spherical orb made of plastic material having 2 layers. These two layers have air-filled inside them. A person can get inside the inner layer and ride it to enjoy the adventure. Kameymall is a global online marketplace from where you can explore and purchase zorb balls at reasonable prices and high quality. It is a reliable platform having its service available in more than 220 countries.

It is a B2C international marketplace launched in 2021 in China and majorly sells products that belong to the first-level industry. You will find many other products on this website from different categories such as fashion, beauty, jewellery, kids, electronics, sports, automobiles, etc.

If you have done Zorbing before, you must know how much fun it is. But if you don’t know anything about it, let me tell you about various zorbing activities that will help you make a decision about which type of zorb ball you should purchase from Kameymall.

Types of Zorbing Activities

Zorbing is also known as orbing or globe riding. Basically, it is a sports activity in which you can roll inside a sphere made of plastic material. We can call that sphere an orb or a hamster ball. This adventure sport generally happens on hill areas and slopes where a person goes inside the orb and tries to control the ride going downside. The orb has two types i.e. harnessed and non-harnessed. Its use is based on the type of zorbing activity. The harness or the strap inside the orb keeps the rider safe by balancing their body in speed.

Zorbing can be of two types where one is dry zorbing and another is wet zorbing. Based on these two categories, people enjoy various adventure activities which are the following:

Land Zorbing

An adventure sport in which people can use the orb on a flat surface or hill area. The surface can be a ground, a park full of grass, or a large space that is long enough to roll the ball. You can enjoy the ride alone or you can double the fun by having 2 people participating in a race.

The race on an air track mat is also popular in many places. An Air track mat is an inflatable mat that can act as a straight path for zorbing. Some of them also allow us to fill water inside them. It gives a different experience than land zorbing. Air track mat is also available on Kameymall with a wide range at affordable prices.

Aqua Zorbing

In this type of zorbing activity, the person inside the orb or hamster has to control the ride over the water running on the path. The path can be an inclined area or a flat surface. The water flowing on the surface cuts the friction and make it difficult to control the ball. The zorb ball with a harness is better in these cases so that it can provide you safety along with the excitement of the ride.

Water Zorbing

Water zorbing is also called hydro zorbing as these activities take place in water. The zorb ball used here is the same as land zorbing. The major difference is that the activities are done in a lake, pool, etc. When the Zorb ball is put on a water surface, it results in a bouncing effect and the person inside the orb or hamster ball has to roll it from one end to the other end. We can also say that the person is walking on water. 

Snow Zorbing

This is something different and rare than land zorbing and water zorbing. You have seen ice skating many times but snow zorbing is an adventure sport where you perform all the activities on snow. This can be experienced on those cool places only where the snow exists. Also, it requires safety measures more than other types.

Bubble Soccer Ride

Bubble soccer or bubble football is quite interesting and fun to play. In this sport, you wear a large torus bubble on the upper body instead of a regular football. The bubble is similar to an orb. You have to run and compete with the other participants wearing the same bubble footballs. If you want to play alone, you can play bubble bowling also in which you have to strike the pins. The only difference is that instead of holding the ball in your hand, you are inside an orb and roll it to move it.
Zorbing is a fun-filled experience that is becoming popular among people of all ages. You can buy any of the zorb balls from Kameymall that you want. It is an international e-commerce platform that offers a wide range of other accessories also. For example, women can explore sexy bikini dresses for water zorbing activities in a pool. You can visit the website and place your order to get quality products delivered to your doorstep.