8 Important Adjusting and Altering Tips for Essay Writers

No essay writer can produce a flawless copy in their first draft but with some adjustments and alterations, they can certainly make their essay game strong. Your professors or friends can act as your essay helpers during the writing and editing process, guiding you at every step. In case you wish to learn how to edit the essay content professionally given below are some tips:

Use only one voice

Try to use either active voice or passive voice. A mix of these can be confusing and rather unprofessional.

Instead of negative go for positive

Instead of writing sentences in a negative manner go for the positive vocabulary. 

For instance, 

Negative: “Never tell anyone else you will get in trouble” 

Positive: “It would be better if no one knows or it might fetch trouble.”

Positive sentences are more impactful and keep the readers going. A negative sentence can upset a reader and make them exit the essay. Ask, “Who can write my essay?” to get some additional help for your writing & editing process.

No high profile vocabulary

Why complicate your sentences with unusual and high-fi vocabulary when simple words can be very promising. You can always place one or two high-end words in your introduction but while explaining something in the middle body avoid it at all costs. Most essay helpers coming from professional companies also suggest going for Basic English.

Spot the typo, grammar, and spelling mistakes

Spot the typos or any spelling errors because it will ruin your impression. You don’t want to lose marks over silly grammar mistakes, do you? Look up “who can write my essay?” and get a suggestion on professional essay writing service providers who help with essay editing & proofreading.

Remove any redundant content

Since essay content needs only 5 paragraphs do thorough research and find unique content to mention in your essay. This will avoid the repetition of similar content. Redundant content will indicate that you are trying to make your essay wordier.

Shorten your long sentences

Short sentences are easy to read and understand. Hence write a sentence that is 10-12 words long. Any sentence beyond 15 is hard to read.

Put forward strong verbs 

When you place strong verbs in your sentences it causes more impact.

For instance,

Strong verbs: fed, blown, broke, lain, etc.

Weak verbs: marked, damaged, yelled, etc.

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Keep a check on punctuation

Lastly, punctuations can make or break a sentence. It has to be in the right place or it changes the meaning of an entire sentence.

Let us also discuss some mistakes while writing essays.

5 Mistakes To Avoid While Writing Your Essay

If you are just starting with your essay writing and have never attempted before then here are a few common mistakes that you may make:

Converting essay into a synopsis

Two core things about an essay are choosing a topic that can evoke a response or an argument and a strong thesis that a writer can support. If instead of this you are presenting facts that are already present in some other source then what’s the point. Be analytical in approach and support it with credible sources and extensive research.

Weak Thesis

The thesis is such an important part of your essay. In fact, it is the thesis, which makes way for your essay. It is more of a hook or something that you are going to defend. Thus, you should come up with a strong thesis statement that expresses your opinion and is to the point.

Don’t write it like a blog

An essay is an academic document and therefore it calls for a very specific kind of writing. Don’t use too many quotes, or add a fancy start in the introduction. Keep it scientific with a very professional academic lingo. The essay should depict the understanding of your topic and the way you research it will show your skills in finding good resources.

Avoid copied content copy

Most people underestimate the consequences of submitting copied work and very casually pick lines from some scientific journal to the Internet to add it in their essay. Your work should be original because your concept or idea is defined or specific. Original content speaks a lot about you where you have expressed what you feel about a particular topic. In case you submit plagiarized work you can be suspended or never allowed to author any scientific work ever.

Grammar & spell check

Don’t ignore, as these are the most common mistakes. You don’t have to worry these days, as there are a great number of online tools that you can use to check your work. But your approach should be to write well from the very start.


An essay writer is challenging on many grounds as a student has too many things to worry about. From finding the right content and doing the apt research to editing & adjusting it as per the guidelines. The process is overwhelming and demands too much hard work. Thus, use our tips above to alter your content and edit it to perfection. 

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