Easy Tips for Writing an Outstanding Reflective Essay

reflective essay

A reflective essay is all about expressing your thoughts and opinions on a subject. By writing this type of essay you will be able to improve your critical thinking and ability to come up with your opinions without getting influenced by someone else’s thought process. There may be an instance though where you feel it’s not easy to pull off this essay and therefore you can always search for “can someone write my essay?” and hire professionals. 

In case you think that you can give it a fair attempt than today we are going to share a few tips that can help write a good reflective essay:

Step By Step To Write An Outstanding Reflective Essay

  1. Think of a topic, which can be an event, a product, etc. Prompt yourself with questions such as has it impacted you in any way, has the product or the event changed your life in any way, etc. You must form an opinion on the situation, or thing and note it down. You can get help with an essay topic by asking your friends or professor.
  1. The next job is to make an outline. Write your topic on paper and start making the structure of your essay. A reflective essay has 5 paragraphs that will include one introduction, 3 main body, and one conclusion paragraph. You can note the arguments separately for each section and try to find the foundation of your arguments. Since a reflective essay is about a personal experience you can use “I”.
  1. Your introduction will have a thesis statement that can give your readers a glimpse of your opinion and where do you stand on the topic. The introduction must specify the main argument.
  1. The main body is where you support your main argument by combining multiple small arguments to make a strong case.
  1. Conclusions should never be neglected. They again play an important part because that’s where you reinstate your thesis and main argument and tell readers how you proved it with your research and original idea together.

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Improve Your Research Skill For Writing Essay

You may not be very good at research initially but this is one skill you can develop over time. You don’t have to look for a research paper for sale because we are going to disclose 5 amazing ways to improve your research process. We know and understand if you feel it’s challenging but don’t worry. Once you know how you can get better at it you will love doing research for your next paper.

Organize your work

Before you start with the research process know what exactly you need to find. Research is usually done to find back up literature. Thus, you can organize your work and make a list of things you need to research. We at writingmyessay.com suggest students keep it organized so that you don’t waste unnecessary time.

Make use of technology to filter down your search

There is a lot of desktop and mobile applications that allow you to do research. These technology-based platforms are highly efficient and come with a lot of filters so that you can save your time. You can simply enter the phrase or topic you are looking for and you will come across the most relevant results.

Break your paper into parts

To make your research as accurate as possible break your topic into parts and sub-parts. Once you know that there are 3-5 points you have to search you can avoid all the generic information and focus straight on exact information.

Ask recommendations for unexplored and valuable sites

If you have connections, acquaintances, seniors, professors, or friends who can help you with their experience just ask for their help. Since they have submitted their work in the past they are ought to know where to look. You can save your time by simply exploring only those sites and databases that they have recommended and be focused more on the writing part.

Meet a librarian for expertise

In case you are referring to offline information besides online for instance books, papers, magazines, etc., you can get in touch with a librarian. There is a huge pile of books on the same topic thus you might feel confused as to where to start from. A librarian on the other hand can make the process easy for you by pointing in the right direction.

Amazing Tips To write an outstanding essay

Approach your essay with an academic mindset

Good academic writing is very different from blog or article writing. It comes out very professionally and has a scientific lingo. You should avoid any slang phrases or colloquialism to make it look academically appealing.

Editing Proofread shouldn’t be bound by timing

Although, we believe that you should time your  urgent essay writing  process, keep editing and proofreading out of it. You should take as much time as needed. Editing and proofreading your essay can change the complete output. It will be far more polished and flawless essay.

You can use a sophisticated tool like Grammarly Premium to help you.


A good reflective essay is one that has a formal tone, expressed in-depth, and follows a classical structure. Though it’s a personal experience based essay you must rely on factual material to sound legit and credible. Hope the tips mentioned above will help you frame an exemplary reflective essay that engages the readers and make them intrigued about your idea.