Your Guide On Things To Do In Hamilton, Texas


Visiting a quaint area like Hamilton is perfect for those looking for a getaway in the countryside known for its hometown-like environment. With its award-winning vineyards, wineries, natural pools, bowstring bridges, and dove-hunting attractions, Hamilton boasts the ideal blend between contemporary and historical places to visit.

To visit Hamilton, Texas, you will need an ESTA visa to guarantee entrance into the country. Obtain your ESTA approval by visiting the website and applying before you depart on your trip. The ESTA approval can take about 72 hours to be approved, and you are allowed to travel anywhere within the US for a period of 90 days or less. you need to ensure that you write all the correct details, and fill in everything applicable to you to avoid rejection. Take professional help should you want to ensure you don’t face an ESTA rejection.

Hamilton Pool Camping

The Hamilton Pool Reserve is open all year-round except for a few public holidays and is a major tourist attraction. Located in Austin, it is a naturally occurring pool that was created as a result of massive erosion over a thousand years ago.

You can enjoy a nice swim (this is not open all year and you need to check before making a reservation for your dates), go hiking, kayaking, and camp in the many campsites that have been set up around the preserve. It is a relaxing area to spend a few nights in, with the campsites nestled within cozy oak groves. There are picnic tables and fire pits set up around the campsites for your meals and just to socialize in.

If you are feeling adventurous, you can even wander around the many attractions and wilderness surrounding you. For your safety, markers have also been set up, showing you the way back to your camp. You can carry your tents as well apart from hiring the one over there, as they can be too costly. Carry the best trampoline tents to get the extra space you need when you go camping around.

Hamilton Pool Hiking

There are numerous trails surrounding the Hamilton Pool Preserve that you can hike all through the year. It is the perfect place to spot wildlife and plant species that are rare and native to the area such as the Cliff Swallows and Maidenhair Ferns.

To get to the Hamilton Pool, there is a short hike of around 15 minutes. It is around 0.5km long through a rugged and uneven path, so make sure to wear good footwear that is meant for hiking before you leave your hotel.

You can even book a guided hike through the preserve. The guide will take you through the whole area where you will be able to see the vast diversity of rare plants and animals as well as learn more about how the pool was formed thousands of years ago. These tours will usually go for around an hour and you will get a chance to see the collapsed grotto and waterfall at the end of the tour.

What to wear in Hamilton

If you wanna be a change maker, make sure to choose fabulous planet-friendly hemp clothing which is sustainable, comfortable, durable, affordable, and eco-friendly. Once, you get used to the hemp clothing apparel there’s no place for cotton to sneak in because of its number of values ranging from great breathability to low water consumption during its farming.

Since you will be visiting the pools and hiking through rough terrain, make sure to wear comfortable shoes such as Tennis shoes to ensure that you don’t face any discomfort throughout the trip, as you will be spending a lot of the time walking around.

When swimming is allowed, there are certain guidelines that you will have to follow as the preserve is strict about what you can wear. Make sure you bring along proper swimwear or full-body suits as caps, hats, street clothing, and cotton-based clothing are not allowed inside. Cotton holds a lot of water and can easily retain bacteria which can cause other swimmers to get infections and fall ill.

Hotels near Hamilton Pool Reserve

Here are some of the best hotels located close to the preserve for your convenience.

A Rustic Cabin Paradise ON Reimers Ranch

Located only 5 minutes away from Hamilton Pool, you can get an entire cabin made up of one bedroom, one bathroom, and a kitchen for yourself. It comes complete with air-conditioned rooms, other amenities, and recreational activities for you to explore as well.

Hill Country Casitas

It is located 40 minutes away and is made up of 10 houses. Here, you can get a 3-star cottage/house to yourself, complete with air-conditioned rooms, private yards, free Wi-Fi, and even a pool.

Hill Country Getaway

With only an 8 minute drive to the preserve, get a quiet cabin for yourself by the waterfront that has a great view of Hill County’s surroundings.


You may want to know how long is ESTA valid. Make sure you give yourself enough time to fill out the necessary details on the ESTA website and wait for approval, as it can be a lengthy process due to Covid restrictions. If any errors come up, you will need to fix them immediately so as not to delay the visa approval.