Is it Realistic for Foreign Tourists to Get into Austrian Ski Resorts?

Alpine skiers and snowboarders seem to have accumulated even more desire to ski abroad. However, the situation with travel to foreign resorts remains murky, both in general and in detail.

We decided to figure it out – to do this, we have gathered all the information available today on all issues related to travel to the Austrian mountains.

Why go Austrian ski resort 

Ski resorts in Austria are perfect for skiers and snowboarders of all skill levels. The service here is rated as “extra class”, as if you were riding in the fabulous Ski Dubai, only improved several times. By the way, this complex is also worth a visit, add it to your wish list, as well as an exotic car rental Dubai. Luxury car rental services are available and are in great demand among tourists today, because they can provide any model for any budget.

But let’s return to Austria. In addition to the steep mountains, there is a lot of entertainment for adults and children. If you want to relax after skiing, improve your health and revitalize your body, welcome to the Austrian thermal waters. If you want hot parties, it’s not a problem.

As you can see, there is everything here, just buy tickets and go.

New vocabulary: color lists, antigen, health passport

Color-coded country rankings

The World Health Organization monitors new cases by country in Europe and puts all the information in one source.

It is essentially a COVID-19 ranking of countries by incidence rate.

Each country has a color status (table to the left), and an indication on a map. For example, green are countries with less than 75 cases of COVID-19 infection per hundred thousand people in the past 14 days.

Plus to the WHO list, each country maintains its own register, according to which determines the possibility of entry of tourists. This is important information; a lot depends on the color status of the country. Take it into account when planning your trip.

PCR, antibody test, antigen test

We learned the terms “PCR” and “antibody test” last year. This year the antigen test is added to them. A number of countries request that these tests be presented at the border. What kind of test is this?

The antigen test is a faster and more accurate alternative to PCR. It shows the infection of COVID-19 already on the first day and is done in a few hours or even faster.

Please note, if you do the PCR test or antigen test to travel abroad, the results are always required in English, spelled as in the passport, from the time of taking the material for analysis until the presentation in the country of destination should not take more than 48 hours.

Health Passport

The Health Passport is a European innovation valid from the beginning of summer 2021. EUDCC (Euro Union Digital Covid Certificate) is a mobile application, which shows the covid status of the person. It should be presented at check-in at hotels and public places, including cafes and restaurants.

If you are not an EU citizen, but you have been vaccinated with a vaccine recognized there, and you have a national app with a QR code – it’s okay, just show the code to everyone, either digitally or in paper form.

The basis for DCC is a complete vaccination with one of the vaccines recognized in Europe (Janssen, AstraZeneca, Moderna, Pfizer) or a certificate of COVID-19.

So, how do you get to Austria, contemplating the upcoming season?

AUSTRIA. Long, expensive, but there’s a chance

The good news right away: Austria is open to tourists.

The Visa Center works, visas are issued. You shall get a standard set of documents but your insurance policy shall cover, among other things, COVID-19 risks. 


72 hours before entry you need to register on the website of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Austria, filling out the form in German or English. You have to give the address where you will be quarantined.

Upon entry, travelers will have to present a certificate of vaccination with foreign vaccines or a certificate of COVID-19 in German or English, or an antigen test no older than 48 hours or a PCR test no older than 72 hours at the border crossing.

All certificates must bear the original blue laboratory (clinic) seal, the doctor’s signature and the QR code.

All those not vaccinated with approved vaccines are sent to a ten-day quarantine. You can get out early if you get a negative test on the fifth day of your stay.

Tests will have to be done regularly. 

In commercial health facilities, one test costs from 69 Eu for an adult and from 49 Eu for a child. The cheapest tests are at Vienna Airport. Some hotels have started doing free tests for their guests.

We advise exploring the option with the name “Alles gurgelt”. When you arrive in Vienna, you need to register, get a barcode in the system, with it in the store Bipa will give free eight boxes – kits for the test at home, by yourself. The result comes in 24 hours, to your phone, and this is the cherished QR, with which you will be allowed everywhere.

Austrians recommend installing the “Stopp Corona” app, which is a system for tracking confirmed cases of COVID-19.


In general, the trip to Austria turns out to be 5-10 days longer and more than a thousand euros is more expensive, but on the other hand, you will have a ride in Tyrol!

The scenario that most likely awaits you – to hang out in Vienna and work 5-10 days remotely, waiting for the registration of the QR code.

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