These 5 SEO Mistakes Or Risk Losing Your Customers

Even the most experienced digital marketers can stumble upon these silly mistakes when it comes to SEO. Read the article to know what they are!

Recently, search engine optimization has become one of the most popular marketing mechanisms for aspiring businesses. Not only is it free of charge, but the results also tend to be sustainable in the long term. Therefore, many small and medium-sized brands are pouring their resources into perfecting the content of their landing page, hoping to gain more organic visibility.

However, many people still have yet to understand the ins and outs of SEO, leading to making otherwise avoidable mistakes that ruin the overall effectiveness. If you think you might belong to this group, check out these most common mistakes so as not to fall into the trap!

5 Worst SEO Mistakes You Must Avoid

1. Do not run a Google Ads campaign

Optimizing your content and visual assistance is a wonderful option, but what is the point of perfecting them if customers are unaware of your brand? This is when paid social campaigns come in handy and, more specifically, a Google Ads campaign.

Right after SEO is completed, it is highly recommended that you put aside a small budget dedicated to the ad running. There is no better and easier way to reach the target audience than tapping into the world’s most used search engine.

You do not have to launch a campaign 24/7, as it would cost a considerable amount of money without being 100% effective. Instead, only a week of showing ads to potential users who might take an interest in your business is enough.

Providing that your website is at its peak, the receiving end will be more than happy to come across something they genuinely enjoy. This way, even if you stop the ad campaign, the customers are still likely to come back for more.

If you ever consider combining SEO and Google Ads together, you might want to outsource a Google Ads agency for optimal results. Most reliable media consultants can give you tailored advice on how to organize a campaign and reap sizable outcomes, so grab the opportunity right away.

2. Consider SEO as a one-time task

This is terrible news for anyone who stops auditing their website once it reaches a certain stage. The world is constantly evolving, and anyone failing to keep up will be left behind.

The ad copy deemed viral and interesting yesterday might as well become obsolete and out of trend in the next week. The external links that lead to your payment interface are subject to being broken. There will be external factors affecting the quality of your landing page and turning your past SEO work to waste as soon as you do not care to continue optimizing it.

Therefore, it is worth noting that your website needs a frequent audit. Ideally, a comprehensive audit should occur every month, giving you enough time to fix the bugs and upgrade the system.

But if there is any hot event related to your field of business, do not hesitate to offer a quick update. This way, anyone stumbling upon your website can spot the sensitivity immediately and appreciate your effort.

3. Forget about technical issues

Digital marketers are mostly involved in content creating, visual designing, or general marketing planning. Therefore, the realm of technological issues tends to be out of reach and overlooked when it comes to SEO. But the thing is, nitty-gritty technical problems are sometimes the reason behind a website’s disappointing performance.

If you want to maximize the UI/UX, you have to take care of technical SEO. Start by removing broken links and images, then replacing them with active ones. Look through all the pages on your website and find out if there is an orphan page. Determine the state of external links.

Check out everything that might negatively affect the user experience when they browse through what you have to offer. The sooner you get rid of these nagging concerns, the higher chance your website stands of attracting more customers and keeping them satisfied.

4. Create meaningless content

SEO is all about catching the attention of Internet users by providing them with high-quality, reliable information related to what they are looking for. Thus, it makes sense that an SEO website includes helpful guidelines, tutorials, and articles focusing on one particular aspect.

Nevertheless, many websites have strayed away from the original path and opted for mass-produced content, hoping it would appeal to readers’ eyes. That cannot be further from the truth.

Content without optimized keywords and a lack of emphasis on the overall theme of the website may confuse potential customers. Even worse, they tamper with the brand image and ruin the cohesiveness of the entire listing. So, carefully evaluate the cons whenever you feel the urge to write down something that does not tie with the business.

5. Do not have enough external links

Google Ads takes external links very seriously. Websites with unique, superb external links are prioritized for a higher ranking on Google’s search result page. So, if you are looking for a simple way to increase the website’s visibility, double down on the quantity and quality of link-worthy content.

Create articles that seek to explain the jargon of a specific field, then link them to domains that offer a deeper analysis of the topic. Compile the stats of the latest holiday season and insert a link to the original survey. Not only is this practice more cost-effective, but the outcomes are also impressive.


Making these SEO mistakes may lead to disastrous results, not only for your marketing tactics but also for the overall business. So if you ever encounter these problems, why not turn to Olifant Digital? The team of professionals here is more than willing to help you fix the existing issues and optimize the website to effectively increase traffic. Sounds tempting? Check it out now before you miss the chance!

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