The Insider Secret on Video Production and Marketing

More than a third of web activity comprises of watching videos. To put this in context, humans spend a third of their lives sleeping, and video ads production and marketing for your brand are just as important as sleep for humans. When done right, both allow people to relax, feel safe, and spend their days being more productive.

Here we explain the captivating and delusional era of video marketing. In particular, highlight those areas that you might not be familiar with and educate yourself so that all this video production doesn’t seem scary and complicated. After all, the ultimate victor over fear is understanding.

Here, below described the insider secrets by Asterlation about video production and marketing will help you better understand it and start your video production on the right foot in 2020. Check them out!

Many Quick and Concise Videos are Better than a Few Long Ones

Have you played a video game and then said, “Oh, just one more level,” but hours later, you found out you were still playing? It’s a psychological trick that you can use to your advantage.

Video games get addicting this way by delivering lots of action disguised as short, satisfying bites. They are continually giving you the option to leave. But they also bug you with more points, more fun, more action around the corner.

Many companies format their videos this way. Instead of having a long video titled “Till the Last Inside and Outside of Our Company,” they produced series of videos called “this is how you do this.” At the end of those videos, they’ll often say, “and watch our next video for how to do something similar.” And this is where you hook!

Don’t worry about losing customer information. If the content is what they want, they will engage with it. You can also make sure that all the videos are accessible to your customers with a few tricks, like putting them all on a YouTube playlist or hosting them all on the same webpage, said John O. from Mimy Online.

Adequate Lighting

Sometimes a company in a city with a film school will say, “Why don’t we have a student film and edit our video instead of a media production company?” And yes, a student is cheaper, but 9 out of 10 times, the video production will look underwhelming. The reason the pictures are a bummer is simple. Students won’t waste time figuring out one of cinema’s biggest secrets: lighting. Making a video production is more than just placing a camera on what you want to film. It’s about making sure the environment is right. And nothing will say it more than the lighting.

If you’re still not going the route of professional video production and marketing, don’t despair. There are often many ways to improve the look of a corporate video just by being smart. Don’t film the subject sitting directly in front of a window; this is a straightforward advice.

If you are using a phone, make sure it is put aside. A cell phone camera will never live up to high-quality video production.

Every time a video upload to Facebook with a thin vertical slice of footage between two black bars, a million videographers despair. Have you seen this? It’s done so frequently that it can be considered a pandemic in the world of media production. However, it is 100% preventable and requires almost no effort. Just make sure you’re shooting with the phone on its side.

Do it Well When You Write

For many aspiring filmmakers, creating a script is often a tedious hurdle during pre-production, which needs to overcome as early as possible to get to the fun part: making the movie!

The same can happen in video production and marketing for your business. But if you rush into a script and don’t think through your video’s concept from start to finish, you might fall victim to one of the many obvious mistakes that can arise when trying to speed up a script.

It is most important for you to get straight to the point. Keep it short and grab your audience’s attention quickly

Video can Substitute almost Anything

There is a lot of outside marketing that video cannot cover (i.e., video cannot replace your expensive IT equipment); we are serious when we say that video can cover almost every marketing aspect. Most direct customer or direct customer communication can be improved or completely replaced by video.

Take conference calls with a client to review a proposal, for example. Instead of submitting a complicated request and taking two hours to thoroughly review it, submit a video tutorial that covers each section and adds clarifying comments as needed to eliminate or at least significantly reduce back-and-forth.

Cut down on customer service communications with FAQs or how-to videos to answer questions before they arise. Use thank you videos to onboard and attract new customers.

Present a Call to Action

Don’t just hope your viewers know what to do next; tell them. If you want them to sign up for your mailing list, sign up for a personalized online demo, call your sales line, or go to your product buying page, embed this post in your video. While you can add your call to action below the video in the description or transcript, remember that not all videos will view on your website, YouTube, or another video network.

Add the call to action to each video itself if someone else embeds it on your blog or website. For example, if you have an AdWords True View for videos ad, you can create overlays for videos played on YouTube.

While we all know that a call-to-action button should stand out in your message, most marketers struggle to pick the right color for them. As Colors directly impact the conversions your call-to-action buttons drive. Look at the infographic below and choose the right one for your campaign.

Source –

Introduce your Business in the First 30 Seconds

Speaking of attention span, you’ll want your visitors to know who you are before you start cutting your video. Even if they only hear some part of it, just putting your name on their head will be a success. An intro video is exactly what it sounds like, a short, direct, introductory video that tells the viewer everything they need to know about your product/service and business while also setting the tone for your brand and the rest of your content. If you don’t know how to create a stunning intro video, then use any online intro video software or download the best Intro Maker app from the play store or apple store and start editing those videos as per your requirements.

Use Crisp, Clear Images in Thumbnails and in Content

People judge books by their cover, businesses by their website, and videos by their quality. You don’t need to use the high-end video equipment for video production and marketing that filmmakers use, but you need your video to look clean and professional. Put high-quality images and create a thumbnail that looks attractive to your audience.

You can also use incorporate stock images and videos from websites like or stock animation footage from sites like if required.

 Powerful Editing is Essential.

To buy an expensive camera to get great pictures; it’s another to end up with a good video. Whether it’s sound, color, or rhythm issues, good editing is so vital to your end product’s success and quality that it cannot overlook.

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When you’re spending so much time and money on production, it can be easy to overlook post-production, but post-production is the last place you want to cut corners. There’s a reason film crews often say, “We’ll fix it in the post,” when things go wrong on set because a good edit can make or break if you end up with one.

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